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13 Intelligent Ways You Can Use AI in Your Amazon Business to Do Less and Sell More!

Canopy Management’s Brian R Johnson Details How You Can Use ChatGPT and AI to Help Crack the Code of Amazon’s Competitive Marketplace

  • January 31, 2023
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  • Brian Burt

Everyone is talking about ChatGPT right now.

University professors are trying to figure out how to determine who – or perhaps what – has written that well-crafted term paper. At the same time, e-commerce sellers are both excited and a little confused about how to best utilize this revolutionary technology.

Among the leaders of e-commerce and selling on Amazon, there’s a universal feeling that with all this new power comes great responsibility. Already, the internet is full of videos and blog posts that show ways that ChatGPT and artificial intelligence can replace human input.

Future e-commerce success might require a little more nuanced approach. 

A Hybrid Approach to ChatGPT

Instead of completely giving away responsibility for your content to an AI program, I think that the secret to effectively working together and incorporating ChatGPT (and other AI programs) into our e-commerce business will require a hybrid approach. 

Just a few months after the launch of ChatGPT, it’s pretty clear that as the skill of the human increases, the resulting AI output increases correspondingly. 

That led me down the path towards trying to figure out exactly how to get the best information out of ChatGPT. The answer? It all comes down to the quality of the “prompts.” 

What Are Prompts?

Prompts are sets of instructions given to a machine learning algorithm that is used to generate a specific output. Prompts are how humans communicate with AI programs such as ChatGPT. Prompts tell the AI what you want and how you want it structured. 

ChatGPT was built by OpenAI, an AI research and deployment company. It was launched in November 2022 and is a variant of the GPT-3 language model also developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT has been specifically designed to generate human-like responses within the context of chatbot conversations. Because of that, the prompts that ChatGPT uses to formulate its answers have become increasingly critical to the quality of the final result. 

That’s where human IQ comes into play. 

For example, as with the following question.

Human IQ and ChatGPT

How should “humans” respond to the rapid advances to artificial intelligence? For one thing, it shouldn’t be a battle for supremacy. Instead, it’s more a question of establishing a partnership. All of us need to learn how to best take advantage of the incredible way that human intellectual potential can be multiplied by AI. 

Here are three ways that e-commerce sellers can do exactly that:

1. You Need to Know the Questions to Ask

This is where the human IQ comes in. The ability to ask the right questions of ChatGPT is crucial. With e-commerce and selling on Amazon, getting the best results from AI requires a certain level of Amazon-selling intelligence.

That’s because while ChatGPT and other AI platforms are pretty amazing, for brand new technology, it’s also pretty dated. ChatGPT’s ability to source content from the internet ends in 2021. And, of course, it sometimes misses the mark completely. 

For example, as with the following question.

That’s one big reason that the next point is so important. 

2. To Really Succeed with ChatGPT, Be Smarter Than the AI

In 2023, and with the advances to artificial intelligence, human intelligence is going to be more important than ever. To make the most of AI, the human at the controls needs to know what they’re talking about. In our experience, to use a golf metaphor, ChatGPT does a very good job of framing its responses to put the ball on the green. However, to have the kind of success on Amazon that we’re all looking for, you need to get a lot closer to the hole. 

Knowing a lot about a niche subject allows you to get the most out of ChatGPT. That’s when you can really drill down and move past the superficial responses that while interesting, are not really game changing. 

3. Capitalize on This Information!

Next steps . . . 

How are you going to utilize this information to win the Buy Box, lower your ACoS, or make sure your Amazon product listing gets to the top of the page? That’s the difference between a successful product and one that falls by the wayside. 

I’ve got the perfect answer for you!

13 Intelligent Ways to Use AI in Your Amazon Business 

Canopy Management’s Brian R Johnson recently recorded a webinar that details how Amazon sellers can use ChatGPT and artificial intelligence as a huge lever to help crack open Amazon’s increasingly competitive marketplace. 

(Click the image above, or here to access the replay) 

Brian has long been at the forefront of e-commerce and Amazon advertising strategic thought. He’s an integral part of Canopy Management’s team of industry-leading experts. Brian is an Amazon PPC pro who has long had a fascination with the rapidly evolving field of AI. Now, ChatGPT has raised the bar. 

In this webinar replay, he’s going to detail the exact strategies that will allow Amazon sellers to do the following:

✔️ Save Dozens of Hours Every Week and Increase Sales

✔️ Peek Behind the Closed Doors of Your Competition

✔️ Build High-Converting Product Listings

✔️ Streamline Operations

What’s In It For Me? 

At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. It’s pretty cool to be able to perform tricks with an AI program like ChatGPT, but how does that move your e-commerce business forward

In this webinar, Brian will focus on a few specific questions that I’m sure that we all have. For example, how does artificial intelligence (A.I.) relate to machine learning and the algorithms  that are such a big part of e-commerce?

And, what has recently changed for Amazon sellers with all this new technology?

Most importantly, what’s in it for Amazon sellers? What do YOU need to learn about the tools that are quickly transitioning from fantasy to reality?

In this webinar, Brian discusses all of this and then, he’ll go into detail about 13 different ways that you can intelligently use AI to supercharge your Amazon success. 

Don’t miss out. This is where we’re all headed. Why not get a head start on those Amazon sellers not paying attention? 

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