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Amazon has hoops, and we’ve jumped through them all. More than once. We put that troubleshooting expertise to work for you, so our heads explode, not yours.

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owes you money.
We’ll get it back.

Not through software, but real humans on your side, fighting for every penny until it’s back in your account. Our performance-based pricing also ensures that we only win when you win. This includes lost revenue from:

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Inventory lost and misplaced
Mishandled returns – unreturned items
Inventory warehouse damages
Mishandled returns – unreturned after replacement
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Inventory wrongfully disposed
Unreceived removals
Inter-fulfillment center transfer claims
Removals received but wrong items
Shipments lost inbound
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FBA overcharges due to dimension issues
Canceled shipment with Amazon Partnered Carrier
Category correction
Mishandled returns – wrong FNSKU

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We believe that you should be the hero of your own story. Here’s what Canopy’s Partners have to say:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you be sure that Amazon owes me money?

Unless you have been filing your reimbursement claims on a regular basis and following up with seller support, then it’s likely that Amazon owes you money. That said, each account is specific. Talk to a specialist now to explore how much Amazon may owe you.

How much do you charge for Revenue Recon?

There are no fixed or monthly fees for this service, we only charge you based on our results. We charge 25% of the recovered revenue, which we track for you and send in a weekly report. Billing occurs monthly as we recover, on an ongoing basis.

How far back can you collect reimbursements for me?

We can file up to 18 months in arrears for Inventory Adjustments or Lost and Damaged items. We can file up to 6 months for Lost Inbound Shipments. All reimbursement requests are filed on a weekly basis.

How much should I expect to recover?

The average ballpark figure is 1.25% of revenue.

How does the process work? Will you first provide us with an analysis before we start?

We send an agreement and we get to work. We don’t know what we will find until we go in there. We don’t provide an analysis prior to starting work, as that is the first part of the Revenue Recon process itself.

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