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Predictive inventory management,
on auto-pilot.

We help you every step of the way when resolving errors in shipping plans, Amazon scanning, and more

Inventory forecasting

No more out of stock issues or aging inventory. Weekly reassessments predict the perfect amount of each product for your next shipment.

Inventory support

From the manufacturer to the fulfillment center, we resolve any errors along the way to set you up for success

Aging inventory

Equipped with a strategic plan, we help you clear out aging inventory with minimized impact to your bottom line

Amazon Trusted Partner Certifications & Awards

The Canopy Cadence

Account onboarding

Once we have account access, the first step is to create a robust report on how to stay in stock for the next 90 days, based on sales performance. Our goal is to make sure your high sellers don’t run out of FBA inventory

Aged inventory reporting

Wondering what old inventory should stay, what should go, and how to get rid of it? We work together on a strategy for inventory older than 6-12 months to maximize your revenue and make sure you don’t lose money.

Special event reporting

We use our years of experience in navigating Prime Day and the holiday season to generate a customized report for what to send in to Amazon for FBA shipments, so that you have the perfect amounts in stock.


Life is good ‘Under the Canopy’

We believe that you should be the hero of your own story. Here’s what Canopy’s Partners have to say:

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“Canopy was able to increase product visibility across the board, and I liked that they weren’t only about using AI as a tool.”

Larry Chipkin, President

TickleMe Plant Company, Inc.

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Just love the fact that I don't need to worry about PPC anymore! Now I can take care of things that I like, that bring me joy.

Janco Bronkhorst


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“Canopy Management has been exceptional in the delivery. They care about shared success, they’ve been easy to work with, and their strategies work!”

Tony Shields, CEO

FreshCap Mushrooms

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“At the end of the first month I am over 50% up on the previous month and a whopping 230% up on the same period last year!”

Simon Holland, CFO

Sassy Squirrel Inc.

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“What sets Canopy apart is that the team actually provides the results they’ve promised us! I’ve never felt that way with other agencies I’ve worked with.”

Gabe Robledo, Owner

4KOR Fitness

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"I'm experiencing massive growth in just a few months. I have to say the investment with Canopy is totally worth it!"

Mario Milanovic

Updraft Ventures

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The team is very quick to follow up if there are any unanswered questions. Canopy has all of the services you need in order to be successful on Amazon.

Cliff Davis, President

Nutritional Supplements Corporation

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Communication with Canopy was fabulous. They took the bull by the horns and delivered above and beyond my expectations.

James S., Partner Member

JA Global Express

Quote Symobl

Not only did Canopy double the business, but they also doubled my profit margin. So it’s just… it’s crazy!

Tim Angel, Founder

Zugu Case

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We saw growth at the same time as cost reduction - Canopy created the breakthrough for us that we couldn’t have done ourselves.

Richard Huang


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Partnering with Canopy has created massive growth for us for sure. They made Amazon a really reliable revenue stream for us.

Annie Clearwater, Brand Manager

Snow Teeth Whitening

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Sales are up 59% from last year - you can’t argue with that. You want to get started? Get started right. If you’re on the fence, just do it - it obviously works with Canopy.

Ernie Parrish, Owner

Natural Foot Orthotics

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am the manufacturer and we ship directly to Amazon?

Our report also shows a reorder level which takes into account the manufacturing time and additional shipping time from overseas. This is useful for partners that do not use a 3PL in the US/CA.

Do you do inventory projection for events such as Prime Day, Black Friday, Christmas, etc?

Yes we give specific restock numbers for special events that take into account performance in prior events.

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