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Canopy Ad Technology (C.A.T.) by the Numbers


Year acquired

$2 .1M

Dollars invested


Brands powered

What C.A.T. is

It’s always been our mission to make Amazon tech better for sellers. That’s why we purchased the leading ad software (PPC Scope) in 2019 and invested millions of dollars to evolve it into C.A.T., which is now one of the most effective pieces of ecommerce tech on the market.

What C.A.T. does

C.A.T. doesn’t just give our veteran ads specialists the detailed performance insights they need to make their daily campaign adjustments. It also gives you a clear, in-depth view of your most important KPIs and metrics, uncovering insights that other software solutions simply can’t provide.

Why it matters to you

Your business lives or dies by the quality of information at your fingertips. C.A.T.’s intuitive interface empowers you to find intelligent solutions to complex problems. Your personalized dashboard acts as the single source of truth for weekly meetings with our team.

Powered by human experts, amplified by proprietary technology

Amazon Trusted Partner Certifications & Awards

Success in action

A game-changer for Canopy’s Partners

Our proprietary tech is only part of the reason Canopy was named to the INC Top 500 fastest growing companies in the U.S.

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