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With a proven 66.75% average year-over-year PPC profit increase, our optimization process is powered by Human Intelligence and supported by custom-built technology


Average year over year profit growth


PPC sales growth



Supercharge your
Amazon Sponsored Advertising

Your Amazon advertising should work for you, not the other way around. Whatever your brand goals, we’ll build your advertising strategy to get you there in record time.

Increase profitability

We optimize our PPC campaigns to eliminate wasted ad spend so your budget goes farther. That’s more money to reach new audiences and make sales.

Stand out from the crowd

Drive discovery, increase visibility, and expand your audience with Sponsored Brand Ads so your brand comes first to mind when shoppers are ready to buy

Own top keywords to maximize sales

Saving ad spend is great, but generating new sales is even better. Our optimization strategies help you reach relevant shoppers and put more money into your bank account.

Rule your product category

By uncovering gaps in your competitors’ PPC strategy and designing customized PPC campaigns, we help you drastically increase your share of the marketplace

How the pros create winning campaigns

We don’t leave your Amazon Sponsored Advertising to chance by entrusting it to AI or inexperienced VAs. Instead, we deploy time-tested strategies and custom-built software to maximize your ROI.

Full Service Features

Full Service Features

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Uncover “hidden gem” keywords

Thanks to exhaustive research and proprietary software tools, we uncover the best-performing keywords for your products and negative match the ones draining your budget

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Precise bid optimization

Our system of checks and balances continually improves bid optimization, thereby decreasing wasted spend and increasing keyword targeting to generate more sales

Analyze performance for key insights

We make data visualization easy by turning metrics like cart abandonment, conversion rate, and new-to-brand purchases into understandable, actionable performance insights

Develop a winning ad strategy

Our customized PPC growth strategy will create maximum returns from an ideal blend of Sponsored Ad types

Keep budget under control

You won’t have to worry about unexpected ad costs since our daily budget adjustments are designed to evolve alongside your business goals

Spot market opportunities

Turn shifting marketplace trends from a potential problem into a golden opportunity through the power of Canopy’s Human Intelligence-based advertising

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How we work


The first thing on the agenda is to test your advertising system from top to bottom. We systematically address everything from catalog coverage to how spend is being controlled, so that you have a solid foundation for your account’s growth.


With a good foundation in place, we use our decades of collective Amazon advertising experience to capitalize on what’s converting, own the top of page one, and claim more market share from your competitors.


The next phase is to start expanding your high-transaction keyword fields to find promising new advertising opportunities. This might include new ad types, campaign types, and more – all with the goal of expanding reach and increasing sales.


Life is good ‘Under the Canopy’

We believe that you should be the hero of your own story. Here’s what Canopy’s Partners have to say:

PPC success by the numbers

See how our PPC Management creates higher conversions, increased sales, and more efficient advertising:


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for PPC to work?

Each ad type on Amazon has a different application and its own place in the advertising funnel. In most cases Sponsored Products is the primary ad type that drives the majority of sales given these ads drive placements on highly relevant customer search result pages.

What is a good ACoS?

ACoS targets are based on marketing strategy and can vary depending on factors like competition and product prices. Ultimately, when you know your breakeven ACoS and use it as a target in advertising, you can understand the volume of sales as a baseline and make strategic decisions from a revenue and profitability standpoint.

Can you decrease advertising spend while increasing PPC sales?

While it can happen, more often than not we focus on one or the other. If ad spend is high and profitability low then it’s important to control your budget by optimizing keywords to the ACoS target. Usually after this is achieved, initiatives to increase sales are deployed around keywords, ad types, and products that are showing a positive return on investment.

What ad type is the most effective?

Each ad type on Amazon has a different application and its own place in the advertising funnel. In most cases Sponsored Products is the primary ad type that drives the majority of sales given these ads drive placements on highly relevant customer search result pages.

How much budget will I need?

The amount of budget required to successfully launch a PPC campaign on Amazon will be different depending on your product niche and catalog. Highly competitive niches tend to drive higher cost metrics and higher cost-per-clicks. Bringing a budget large enough to accommodate the size of your catalog and the size of your potential customer base is a large part of building momentum on Amazon.

What sales uplift can we expect if we increase ACOS/TACoS goals?

The sales lift generated by increasing your profitability limits will be proportionate to the amount to spend/budget an increased target opens up. This will also depend on your conversion rate and the amount of search volume more aggressive advertising can gain.

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