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Amazon has hoops, and we’ve jumped through them all. More than once.
We put that troubleshooting expertise to work for you, so our heads explode, not yours.

Data geeks? We’ve got ‘em.

Ready to get granular? More of a ‘big picture’ person? We serve up clean data any way you want it, so you can make the smart choice every time.

Report to key stakeholders

We bring the flexibility of an in-house team, plus access to industry experience you won’t find anywhere else

Better visibility

Unlock powerful, new data-driven insights thanks to our custom-built business intelligence solutions

Make informed decisions

Stay proactive in shaping your brand’s direction, guided by our precise data visualization and deep ecommerce experience

Know (all) your numbers

Get consistently clean data from all channels, organized to give you a holistic view of omnichannel performance

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Life is good ‘Under the Canopy’

We believe that you should be the hero of your own story. Here’s what Canopy’s Partners have to say:

What smarter data does

Spoiler alert: it makes you more money. Sorry not sorry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of data can you pull in your reports?

If it can be measured, we can report on it. Our reports let you drill down to performance by ad type, product, and 18 more key metrics so that you can make the most intelligent decisions possible.

I need specific reports for board meetings, etc. Can you provide those?

Our custom-built software makes it easy to pull up whatever info you need to report to stakeholders. We put those results into an easy-to-read format so that you have clear visibility into the numbers that matter most.

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