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Amazon has hoops, and we’ve jumped through them all. More than once. We put that troubleshooting expertise to work for you, so our heads explode, not yours.

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What happens when you have Canopy in your corner? Brand support problems start to disappear… or never happen at all.

Full Service FeaturesFull Service Features

Reinstate suspended listings

We deal with Amazon directly to address suppression issues so you don’t have to.

Account health appeals

Bot got you down? Our experience with appeals (so fun) gets you back up and running in record time

Parent-child variations

Three words: flat file support. Improve reviews and increase traffic to your listings with our optimized parent-child setup

Listing updates

Resolve uploading errors quickly so your new title, images, copy, and bullets get updated ASAP.

Brand registry support

Protect your most valuable asset and stop IP infringement with brand registration, trademark support, and more

Amazon Trusted Partner Certifications & Awards

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How we work

Intro call

The first thing we do with any partnership is introduce you to the Amazon experts who will be helping you with your brand support. On the call, you’ll get a breakdown of exactly how we work to resolve Amazon support issues.

Ongoing issue resolution

When Amazon suppresses your listing, it isn’t a death sentence – it’s a temporary issue that our experienced reps know exactly how to solve. We’ll let you know exactly what documentation you need to provide, and we’ll handle the rest.


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We believe that you should be the hero of your own story. Here’s what Canopy’s Partners have to say:

Foundational support for your brand

…means never worrying about your account health again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services are available for Amazon Brand Support?
  • Product policy compliance appeals
  • Shipping performance
  • Reinstate suppressed listings
  • Listing updates
  • Parent-child variations
  • Flat file support
  • Brand registry support
  • Brand protection
  • Social media promo codes
  • Virtual bundle setup
  • Manage support cases
  • Stranded inventory
Who at Canopy handles my Amazon Brand Support needs?

We have a team of Amazon specialists standing by to take care of all of your Amazon brand support needs, monitoring your account daily to make sure nothing gets left behind.

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