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22 Takeaways From Prosper Show 2022

Avoid the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on Prosper 2022! Join Brian Johnson as He Shares His Top 22 Tips, Tricks & Takeaways From Las Vegas!

  • March 22, 2022
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  • Brian Burt
Classic old sign welcoming visitors to Las Vegas

Amazon seller conferences are a great way to level up your eCommerce game. The meetups, the lectures and other related events really help create an entrepreneurial “hive mind.” That allows you to stand on the shoulders of the MANY Amazon sellers with answers to challenging questions, or solutions to nagging problems.

As nice as a trip to the desert to learn from fellow Amazon-selling entrepreneurs sounds, at CANOPY Management we know that sometimes life can get in the way of your best laid plans. 

That’s why CANOPY Brand Ambassador and Co-Founder, Brian R Johnson put together a webinar titled, 22 Takeaways From Prosper Show 2022. 

You might not come back with a tan, but with this replay, you’ll have the benefit of an expertly curated report from Prosper Show 2022. 

Held this year from March 13-16 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Prosper says that their show, “is ideal for the established Amazon seller for learning how to make their business more profitable and for meeting leading solution and service providers that are eager to help sellers scale their businesses more efficiently.” 

A ‘Coming Together’ of the eCommerce Tribes

Prosper really functions as more of an eCommerce coming together of the tribes.

With the pandemic having hijacked meetups over the last few years, Prosper 2022 helped give attendees (and those of you who watch this recap video) a peek behind Amazon’s curtain. 

Popular at Prosper 2022 were a host of the usual topics. However, there were definite changes in emphasis and new areas of focus this year. 

Of course, software vendors were everywhere. Advertising, keyword research, and multiple task platforms were front and center. Agencies were also well represented. The number of Amazon Agencies that specialize in Amazon advertising, Amazon PPC management, and Amazon listing optimization show that eCommerce sellers are looking for help in an increasingly competitive Amazon marketplace. 

Amazon Aggregators were back at Prosper 2022. Last year they were omnipresent. This year they shared space with merger and acquisition (M&A) companies as well as Amazon business “brokers.”

Amazon Aggregators Share the Stage at Prosper 2022

Last year it seemed like half of the floor of the Las Vegas Prosper Show was made up of Amazon aggregators. Yes, they were still in attendance this year, but perhaps due to a refinement of their Amazon brand-buying standards and the maturation of the business model, in 2022 their numbers were down. 

Now they’re focusing primarily on highly rated products with correspondingly high review count. They did NOT seem to be looking for supplements or clothing brands. (Choice is good until an Amazon shopper is faced with the colors, sizes, and styles that exemplify the clothing niche)

There is also a renewed interest in product development, design, prototyping, 3D printing, and modeling. That probably reflects the rise of technology and a desire to save a few dollars. If Amazon sellers can initiate this process themselves, it can dramatically reduce their overall manufacturing costs while allowing for a more “hands on” experience. 

There Were Parties  – It’s Las Vegas After All

I’m certainly not the only one in eCommerce who says that more connections (and deals) are made at parties than in many of the buttoned-up business events.

CANOPY Management and Gembah teamed up to put together an exciting Amazon seller meet up at the very cool, prohibition era speakeasy, 1923 Prohibition Bar. 

Put this one on your calendar next year for sure! 

Let’s cross our fingers, but the feedback that we’ve received from Prosper 2022 attendees is positive. This mostly maskless event might indicate a slowdown of Covid, and a return to Amazon event attendance. 

Who Was Presenting at Prosper 2022?

Out of 80 guest speakers, 9 were ex-Amazonians (that’s 11%). The eCommerce pros that I’ve spoken to hint that this doesn’t particularly reflect the ex-Amazonians’ skill level or knowledge base. Instead, it’s more an indication of Amazon sellers’ desire to try to access ANY form of “insider” information that might help them understand what Jeff Bezos might do next. 

Those same pros were shocked with how LITTLE content had to do with domestic sourcing channels. With the supply chain problems and industry-wide shipping delays that have affected eCommerce sellers, that omission was a bit of a surprise.  

TikTok or Pinterest?  

Some Amazon sellers have shown a hesitancy regarding TikTok. That has led to a slight pullback, and other platforms such as Pinterest are receiving renewed interest. Is Walmart in your future? Prosper 2022 indicated that the push towards off-Amazon marketplaces is alive and well. 

How about brand loyalty? Is it becoming a driving force in eCommerce? With enterprise-size brands making inroads on Amazon’s marketplace, will big brands begin to steal sales from entrepreneurs? Maybe it’s time to get a little help from an Amazon brand management agency to take advantage of that trend. 

Partnering with a full service Amazon management agency like CANOPY Management is an obvious next step. 

CANOPY Management leverages our experience from across all corners of the Amazon industry to help you scale your business, and gain market share. This partnership allows you exacting control of your Amazon business. At the same time you will benefit from the wealth of experience and expertise of the CANOPY Management team.

It’s a new year and with the growth of eCommerce, this rising online-selling tide is going to lift a lot of boats. Now is a great time to reap some benefits yourself!

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