Attention Amazon Sellers – Cheat Codes Aren’t Just for Gamers

April 19, 2022 Chuck Kessler

Attention Amazon Sellers – Cheat Codes Aren’t Just for Gamers

Amazon Sellers Have to Hit the Ground Running. These 10 Cheat Codes Can Give You the Important Head Start You Need to Succeed!

What do video games have to do with selling on Amazon? 

I’m sure that at one time or another, most of us have probably played a video game or two. PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo all have their passionate devotees. One thing that unites the three separate gaming systems is the way that developers will often hide “cheat” codes that allow the participants to reach a higher level, much more quickly.  

It’s tempting to think of cheat codes as indicative of some form of moral weakness. A willingness to consider a less-than-ethical path. Instead, they’re a little like a secret handshake, and can often be the difference between “everyday” players, and those who are determined to push things a little farther, faster. 

With Statista estimating that over 154.6 billion dollars was spent on video games in 2021 with 2.86 billion active players, it’s clear that this is one particular marketplace that isn’t going away anytime soon. 

That reminds me of another global phenomenon; selling on Amazon. Last year, Amazon’s marketplace reached a net sales revenue of 469.8 billion dollars with 5.7 billion worldwide visitors making their way to its site. 

Amazon Sellers Quick Start Guide

When it comes to selling on Amazon, hitting the ground running is often the difference between an Amazon “brand” that continues to “scale up” and one that falls by the wayside. 

A quick search of the internet shows a bunch of blog posts and websites promising to explain how Amazon sellers can get up to speed quickly. It’s that important. I’ve seen itemized lists as short as three, and as long as 20 steps needed to find success on Amazon. 

However, I do think that almost every experienced eCommerce pro would agree that the following five steps will go a long way towards setting an Amazon seller on the right track. 

1. Amazon Sellers Need to Have a Plan

“Plan your work, work your plan.” The first thing that an Amazon seller needs to do is treat eCommerce the same way that they would a brick and mortar business, and create a business plan. Build a business roadmap then concentrate on what you need to do to reach your goal. That’s how beginners become 7-figure sellers. 

2. Drill Down Into an Amazon Niche

You don’t need to spend much time studying Amazon-selling strategies before you hear about keyword research. Tools like those from Jungle Scout and Helium 10 specialize in helping Amazon sellers identify demand for a product. 

So, more demand must be better, right? Not exactly! Besides the fact that more demand means (a lot) more competition, high volume products are also like catnip for unethical Amazon sellers. Drill down to sell a “niche” product to create a little selling space for yourself AND you’ll have a much better chance of avoiding hijackers (and the rest of that lot). 

3. Branding Matters

Apple, Microsoft, Tesla. When you consider premium brands such as that, you start with an impression. I may have spent an unthinkable amount of money on Apple products, but as of yet, not one penny of mine has gone into Elon’s bank account. 

Still, I’m absolutely certain that owning a Tesla would be a highly pleasurable, life-affirming experience. For me, that’s the power of branding. 

To create the same kind of competitive advantage for your own Amazon brand, use creative content (or Amazon Creative Services), to make your brand stand out. With assets such as Amazon’s A+ Content and Amazon Stores, it’s easier than ever before to make your products JUMP off of the page. 

4. Sometimes You Gotta Pay to Play

The old, ‘everything goes,’ wild-west days of Amazon when sellers could simply buy reviews are thankfully (for the most part) in our rearview mirror.

What’s happened now is that everything, from your Amazon listing optimization to your advertising strategy requires an increased level of sophistication to scale past a certain level.

Back in the day, Amazon Pay per Click (PPC) advertising was ONE of the ways that eCommerce sellers drew attention to their products. Now, times have changed. Particularly during a product launch, paying for PPC can feel like a particularly painful, but necessary cover charge to get into the Amazon “club.”

Pro tip: Amazon PPC advertising is one of those things that in many cases, is best left to an expert. Most sellers find that they save money on the front side AND make money on the backside with the assistance of a PPC management agency

5. Find an Amazon Cheat Code

After your first few challenging run-ins with Amazon seller central, it might be hard to hear me speak of selling on Amazon as a game, but there are similarities. 

Let’s start with Amazon’s ever-changing marketplace landscape. Just like a video game, the longer you “play,” the more you start to realize that you are only seeing a small area of what’s evidently a much larger world. 

Keyword research, (both for product research and listing optimization), Amazon product sourcing, and shipping logistics are just a few of the elements that eCommerce sellers need to try to understand before they can take a single step forward. 

The more that you learn, the more it seems that there is to learn. 

Unlocking Success On Amazon

That’s why understanding where you can find Amazon cheat codes is pivotal to your success as an eCommerce seller. Cheat codes can give you that same head start that you might remember from Grand Theft Auto, or The Sims. 

Fortunately for you, CANOPY Management’s Brian R Johnson has just put together a webinar that uncovers not one, but 10 Amazon success-building cheat codes. These hacks will allow you to stand on the shoulders of expert sellers to get the kind of competitive advantage that sellers need in 2022 to make it to the top. 

Brian has guided over 20,000 brands to grow their Amazon sales by over $1 Billion using his proprietary ppc advertising, conversion rate optimization, and differentiation strategies. As one of the founders of CANOPY Management, he has the experience and the knowledge to help you unlock your path to Amazon selling success. 

You can watch a replay of the webinar here, or simply click on the image below. 

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