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How to Use Big Data to Score Big Wins for Your Business With Amazon Marketing Stream

Closely Monitoring Your Amazon Advertising Has Never Been More Important. Now Amazon’s NEW Marketing Stream is Here to Help!

  • June 21, 2022
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  • Chuck Kessler
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Big data is here to stay and it’s informing eCommerce sellers at all stages of their Amazon selling journey. The recent supply chain hiccups and Amazon’s reduced restock limits have both highlighted the need for Amazon sellers to maintain more control over their business.

From product sourcing all the way to last-mile fulfillment, the ability to closely monitor your Amazon advertising has never been more important. Fortunately, the dramatic growth of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data modeling has come in time to help give Amazon sellers the information they need to take the appropriate next step. 

Now, Amazon has decided to harness the power of these technologies to help sellers thrive. 

Amazon just launched Amazon Marketing Stream (now in Beta), a product that delivers Amazon Ads campaign metrics and information to advertisers’ or integrators’ AWS accounts via a push-based model in near real-time. 

Amazon Marketing Stream First Steps 

You can subscribe to campaign data sets available on Amazon Marketing Stream using your existing Amazon Ads API token and by providing your AWS account details. Once subscribed, Amazon Marketing Stream will deliver hourly performance metrics, with details such as targeting expression performance by placement and budget consumption messages in near real-time. Amazon says that, “other campaign data sets will be available for subscription in the coming months.”

Why Should This Matter to Amazon Sellers?

Previously, access to scaled campaign reporting was limited to pull-based Amazon Ads API calls. That means that in order to access metrics such as daily performance, and other on-demand access to other campaign information, API users needed to manually pull this information by calling Amazon Ads API over and over throughout the day. 

It’s a little like having to close your computer, then go through the re-opening process every time you want to navigate to another web page. It would take forever. More importantly, at some point you’d give up and simply go with the data that you had. 

Obviously, now that we’re in 2022 and with the recent advances to data management, Amazon needed to do something. Now they have. 

3 Ways That Amazon Marketing Stream Will Help eCommerce Sellers

1. Optimize Your Advertising Campaign

Amazon Marketing Stream’s hourly performance metrics will provide intraday insights allowing for advanced campaign optimization. For example, during certain hours of the day when your conversion rate is high, you may want to increase bid amounts or make sure your campaign stays in budget during that time. 

Amazon says that, “sponsored Products performance metrics from Amazon Marketing Stream enables new dimensions such as the combination of targeting expression and ad placement, so you can not only optimize on your keywords but keywords by placement.” 

2. Respond More Quickly to Campaign Changes

I don’t have to tell anyone that with the rapid maturation of Amazon’s marketplace, it’s become more competitive than ever. This near real-time information should help advanced API users make the adjustments necessary to stay one step ahead. In the event that you have run-away success with a campaign, data from Amazon’s Marketing Stream allows you to increase the campaign budget before it runs out.

3. Improve the Overall Efficiency of Your Campaign

Amazon says that, “push-based information delivery eliminates API throttling.” Because Amazon Marketing Stream sends you performance metric and campaign information changes in near real-time, instead of aggregated over a period of time, the data you receive will be specific to that time and event. 

Using Amazon Marketing Stream, sellers can simplify complex technical operations which today, Amazon admits, “may entail comparing new aggregated API metrics with the metrics an integrator or advertiser has previously pulled and stored in its own systems, to understand the delta (or deviation) between the two.” Now, Amazon Marketing Stream can deliver that information to you.

Amazon Marketing Stream Key Features

Where Are the Features Available?

Who Can Use It?

How Do I Get Started With Amazon Marketing Stream?

When you’re ready to get started, visit Amazon’s Marketing Stream onboarding guide that will walk you through the process of getting API access, integrating with AWS, and subscribing to campaign datasets using the Amazon Marketing Stream API.

In 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) first began offering IT infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web services — commonly known as cloud computing. 

Now, Amazon has used the power of cloud computing (and their massive data capabilities) to help Amazon advertisers stay one step ahead of their competitors. 

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