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Amazon Reveals Powerful New Data Solutions and FREE Shipping Software

That’s Not All! Amazon Also Unveiled Account Health Assurance – Did Amazon Just Offer Sellers a Golden “Get Out of Jail” Ticket

  • September 16, 2022
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  • Chuck Kessler
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Yesterday at Accelerate, Amazon’s annual seller conference, Amazon continued its rollout of new features to help e-commerce sellers. 

By doing so, Amazon is hoping to increase online sales to try to get back to the levels that they had become accustomed to at the height of the pandemic. It’s also clear that they are reacting to two main irritants that have bedeviled Amazon sellers over the last 24 months. 

When Google and Apple began limiting cookies and other forms of third-party data, Amazon sellers’ access to important data points was severely curtailed. Almost at the same time, e-commerce sellers across the globe were damaged by the repercussions of massive supply chain disruptions. 

Amazon’s latest innovations intend to tackle both of these challenges. 

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Tackling the Loss of Data with New Experiments

Amazon has introduced exciting new features to Manage Your Experiments, a tool launched in 2019 that lets Amazon sellers run A/B tests (or split tests) on their brand’s listings content. These “experiments” allow sellers to compare two versions of content against each other to see which performs better. 

Previously, Amazon sellers could use Manage Your Experiments to run A/B tests on their titles, main images, and A+ content. Now, brands can also A/B test bullet points and descriptions, as well as take advantage of Amazon’s massive trove of data and use machine learning-based recommendations for product images and titles to drive better conversion. 

With time and professional bandwidth at a premium, Amazon sellers can also use Amazon’s wealth of data to automate their A/B test process. Then, they can immediately auto-publish their winning experiments to the product detail page. 

Amazon’s intended goal with all these innovations is to help sellers incorporate this data to optimize the content on their product detail pages to drive higher rates of conversion. Amazon claims it’s possible to realize “sales increases of up to 25%.”

Product Opportunities and Search Are Spotlighted

Amazon sellers all know that a successful e-commerce business begins with a great product. More than a few sellers have fallen into the trap of thinking that they had a great product idea without taking the time to do the research required to be sure. 

That means understanding Amazon customers’ interests and shopping habits. That’s why Amazon has enhanced their Search Analytics Dashboards with new capabilities to help brands analyze their marketing campaigns.

In addition, Amazon has added to their Product Opportunity Explorer to help identify areas to acquire new customers and build business through repeat purchases. Identifying the likelihood of a new product gaining traction with an existing customer base makes it much easier to forecast sales potential. 

These following two new updates from Amazon go hand in hand. 

Amazon’s Search Analytics Dashboard

Since its launch in early 2022, Amazon’s Search Analytics Dashboard has helped sellers understand customers’ interests and shopping habits. Now Amazon has updated it to offer a new insights dashboard providing sellers with a wealth of anonymized data. Also, for the first time, sellers can download Search Query and Catalog Performance data and new ASIN-level details. 

Amazon says that this new capability “enables brands to easily assess marketing campaigns to identify areas to drive repeat purchases and acquire new customers—either directly from within Amazon’s tools or by combining Amazon data with the seller’s own business data.” 

The enhanced Search Analytics Dashboard is launching worldwide in September 2022.

Amazon’s Product Opportunity Explorer

Product Opportunity Explorer is a tool that Amazon designed to explore customer demand for new product ideas. Building on their beta introduction in 2021, Amazon is continuing to offer data insights that help sellers understand and evaluate product opportunities in the Amazon marketplace. 

Now, for the first time, Amazon has introduced an enhanced Product Opportunity Explorer with a new feature, Customer Reviews Insight. This feature helps sellers reverse engineer the sales process beginning with the customer. 

By using customer feedback from product review insights and product star ratings, Amazon sellers can determine what they should prioritize (or deprioritize) as they improve products or add to their product line.

Note: Opportunity Explorer is currently available to Professional sellers in US and Germany, and will release more broadly in US and Europe through 2022. 

Looking to Expand Your Amazon Business Overseas?

Amazon’s Marketplace Product Guidance was initially introduced in 2021 and offers personalized recommendations from Amazon helping sellers to grow their business. It focuses on three main areas, an analysis of global demand for products, new product recommendations, and insights into a specific selling category or niche. 

Now it’s been updated to include Selection Recommendations. These are high demand products Amazon feels that U.S. sellers should consider if they’re looking to expand to France, Italy, and Spain. 

Amazon says that the recommendations “are personalized and ranked based on their opportunity score as calculated by machine learning models that are designed to predict the best opportunities for new selection.” 

Because these products are not currently offered, they might be a good march for a seller’s portfolio, resulting in brand new opportunities to scale their business. 

A FREE Multi-Channel Shipping Software Solution

Speaking of overseas options for Amazon sellers, the next update from Accelerate and Amazon has to do with shipping. 

Sellers that have struggled with the supply chain upheavals know that one path forward over the last 24 months has included third-party logistics and inventory solutions. Amazon has obviously been paying attention and decided to do something about it. 

Amazon just announced the U.S. launch of Veeqo, a multi-channel shipping software built to simplify fast-growth ecommerce. Acquired by Amazon earlier this year, Veeqo helps sellers cut shipping costs while increasing the speed of fulfilling customer orders.

Veeqo can help sellers connect their sales channels, including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify, then track, price, sell, and ship orders across those multiple channels. It also offers access to discounted rates on UPS, U.S. Postal Service, DHL, and FedEx. 

Veeqo includes a rate-shopping feature that imports sellers’ orders and automatically finds the lowest shipping rate available based on size and weight.

Here’s the cool part! 

Veeqo was previously priced at an average cost of $450 per month. It’s now free for all sellers. Sellers who ship via Veeqo pay only for their chosen carrier labels, with no monthly fees.

Veeqo offers key tools to help sellers cut the cost of shipping, including:

Veeqo plans to soon introduce powerful new business features for free, including:

Sellers can learn more about Veeqo’s low-cost shipping labels as well as cut the cost and time needed to fulfill multi-channel orders with low shipping rates, automation, and hassle-free fulfillment tools at

Did Amazon Just Release a Golden “Get Out of Jail” Ticket?

Reports from Accelerate say that Amazon has also revealed a new program called Account Health Assurance that seems to promise that Amazon sellers can avoid suspension as long as they follow three guidelines imposed by Amazon.

Those are:

With the threat of account suspension a nightmare for many sellers, this is something that should lead to better sleep and lower blood pressure for a lot of entrepreneurs.

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