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CANOPY Management Introduces Accelerator Program for Amazon Seller Success

  • November 8, 2021
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canopy management accelerator program

CANOPY Management’s partners can now rest assured that they will sell more goods on Amazon than ever before, thanks to the Accelerator Program, a strategic, three-step approach to dominating the Amazon sales funnel. 

The foundation of CANOPY initially started by helping Amazon sellers optimize their paid on-site advertising. However, over time, our agency has developed its own structured system for achieving seller success across the Amazon sales funnel. The process begins with Growth Potential Analysis, or GPA — a deep-dive audit on the account that shows CANOPY what the Accelerator Program can do.

“After the Growth Potential Analysis shows prospects how much more they can make, we use the CANOPY Accelerator Program to execute against that goal,” said CANOPY Management CEO and Cofounder Brian Burt. “We’ve tested the CAP with a number of our customers. We know how important each step is, and we’re thrilled today to roll it out to all of our partners.”

The Accelerator Program consists of three core parts:

  1. Listing Creation and OptimizationBy applying best-in-class creative, copywriting, photography and storefront design, CANOPY Management helps Amazon sellers create eye-catching product listings that convert. Average increase in conversion rate: 38%.
  2. Paid Advertising — As soon as the listings are ready to convert visitors, CANOPY uses PPC campaigns to increase traffic and optimize search results, harnessing Amazon’s algorithms to drive results. Average increase in profit: 105%.
  3. Amazon DSPCANOPY helps its partners reach their best customers via Amazon ads away from Amazon — wherever they go on the Internet — with constantly updated tech-enabled audience insights. CANOPY Management enables its partners to take advantage of this game-changing feature without having to make the usual $35K/month minimum buy.

The Accelerator Program has already proved its worth in the eyes of our beta partners, including Do It Well Trading’s Andrew Muller. 

“The Accelerator Program helped us immediately, and our gains have increased further as time passed,” said Muller. “The combination of listing optimization, paid Amazon ads, and ads run via the Amazon DSP have really paid off for our brand.”