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CANOPY Management Acquires Leading PPC Analytics Firm

PPC Scope

CANOPY Management today announced the acquisition of PPC Scope, the leading Amazon Sponsored Products (PPC) advertising analytics and optimization platform. CANOPY Management will absorb PPC Scope’s employees and intellectual property. The firm also announced the hiring of a team of new employees who will focus on expanding the PPC Scope platform.

“PPC Scope is the original PPC tool. It was the first dedicated ad platform for third-party sellers and it’s had five years of collecting amazing data,” said Brian Burt, Founder and CEO of CANOPY Management. “We can leverage and learn from that data to provide better results for existing CANOPY Partners. We’ll also use CANOPY’S data to provide insights for PPC Scope users.”

New hires include Ara Kevonian, a leading web developer.

“We’re infusing PPC Scope with significant backing and investment,” said Burt. “A major upgrade to the software will happen in May or June. We’re reinforcing our commitment to technology and investing heavily to leapfrog other solutions out there. We’re developing technology and strategy that isn’t available elsewhere.”

New advances will broaden support for all Amazon ad types and optimize existing strategies to accommodate recent and future changes to the Amazon seller’s market. “Expect expanded ability to manage and optimize sponsored product ads, sponsored brand ads, remarketing display ads, and new support for Amazon’s demand-side platform (Amazon DSP),” said Burt.

CANOPY Management is a full-service marketing agency that is the force behind many of the most successful brands on Amazon.

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