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Canopy Management Announces Acquisition of Click Ascent, Amazon PPC Agency

Click Ascent

Canopy Management, a leading global Amazon Marketplace agency, is happy to announce the acquisition of Click Ascent LLC. This acquisition will further position Canopy Management as the leader in Amazon PPC capabilities.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, Dec 18, 2019 /prREACH/ — Amazon Marketplace agency leader, Canopy Management announces the acquisition of Click Ascent, one of the original Amazon account management agencies. The procurement of Click Ascent grows Canopy Management to a company of 53 dedicated global team members and adds expanded Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) advertising capabilities to its already robust, results-driven platform. Former Click Ascent CEO and founder, Jeremy Hunter, will remain with the company as the Director of Operations, managing the ad group of existing and new PPC ad teams.

Founded by Brian Johnson and Brian Burt, Canopy Management is dedicated to delivering outstanding revenue growth to partners around the world. Founder and CTO, Johnson, had this to say, “The agency brings a unique, human-focused approach to an often-automated industry and has a strong history of delivering phenomenal growth for big and small brands alike. Canopy Management is responsible for tens of thousands of Amazon transformations with Sponsored Products Academy, billions of dollars of managed revenue, and millions in individual Amazon earnings, as well as a long history of ongoing partner education.”

Johnson is universally considered as the leading and most respected Amazon Paid Advertising Professional in the industry. “For us at Canopy Management, bringing on board such an experienced team with over five years of proven results allows us to offer our new and existing Amazon Marketplace partners an even deeper level of expertise that aligns perfectly with our hands-on, human-touch approach to growing exceptional brands,” Johnson commented on the recent purchase.

Prior to its most recent acquisition of Click Ascent, Canopy Management purchased PPC Scope, the original and leading Amazon PPC software. This acquisition will bring an unparalleled level of expertise to the business and the ability of the company to offer an extraordinary new level of service to current and future partners.