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CANOPY Management Approved as Official Amazon Demand-Side Platform Provider

Amazon DSP

CANOPY Management today announced it was selected as one of Amazon’s approved Demand-Side Platform (DSP) agencies.

CANOPY was one of the few independent agencies approved to use the service. This allows CANOPY Partners to sidestep the e-commerce giant’s significant monthly spending minimums yet still leverage the powerful DSP retargeting service at a lower buy in—all while under the umbrella of CANOPY’s other highly-success seller optimization services.

This comes after CANOPY announced their acquisition of a leading pay-per click analytics firm, the hiring of a former Amazon executive, and the public release of their successful Listing Optimization Service.

“DSP has been another win for us—we’re quickly finding that it’s opening even more opportunities for customers to find and purchase our partners’ products,” said Brian Burt, Founder and CEO of CANOPY Management. “We’re now able to offer a fully-integrated, holistic service to our partners. It’s improving efficiencies across the board and optimizing returns.”

Use of Amazon DSP allows CANOPY partners to retarget potential customers who visited a product detail page but did not buy. Amazon has previously allowed for retargeting within the Amazon site, but the ability to put Amazon products in front of potential customers across the web is new.

The service is quickly resulting in high returns on ad spending, said Jeremy Hunter, who leads CANOPY’s 6-person Amazon DSP Team. “We’re finding we can help our partners dominate their core customer bases,” he said. “And with that success we’ve been able to extend advertising and locate new customers, so the service becomes a self-perpetuating money maker.”

With outside sellers now making more than half of all Amazon sales, the online retailer is realizing the value in developing internet-wide retargeting ad services. “The Amazon DSP service is relatively new, and CANOPY has first mover’s advantage right now,” said Burt. “It’s giving us and all of our partners a ton of new opportunities.”

CANOPY Management is a full-service marketing agency that is the force behind many of the most successful brands on Amazon.