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CANOPY Management Helps Feed Families Through Meals on Wheels

  • October 12, 2021
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  • CANOPY Management
canopy management meals on wheels

CANOPY Management is thrilled to announce that the company has donated approximately 1,254 meals to homebound seniors via Meals on Wheels, thanks to our company-wide initiative, ‘Max Out March.’ 

CANOPY developed ‘Max Out March’ as a fun workplace competition to get employees up and moving. As they kept track of each hour they exercised, individuals and teams competed for cash prizes while bonding with fellow employees. Exercises could range from hiking and biking to gardening and pushing a baby stroller. 

After Texas suffered statewide power failures in the aftermath of brutal winter storms early last year, CANOPY decided to turn ‘Max Out March’ into a charitable event to give back to the community. 

canopy management meals on wheels

CANOPY employees, also known as the ‘CANOPY Tribe,’ coordinated an in-person event in order to personally donate the meals to the Central Texas ‘Meals on Wheels’ location. Haley Burt, Vice President of CANOPY Management, recounted the inspiration behind turning ‘Max Out March’ into a mission to give back to the community through ‘Meals on Wheels.’

After the freeze, CANOPY Management CEO Brian Burt and I personally made a donation to our favorite local pizza place, Pint House Pizza, to provide free pizza to anyone who was still without power,” said Haley Burt. “We had been running ‘Max Out March’ for three years, but our donation gave us the idea for Canopy to donate as part of ‘Max Out March.’ Supporting Meals on Wheels is a great way to provide food to vulnerable members of our community.” 

The CANOPY Tribe enjoyed the experience so much that it plans to incentivize ‘Max Out March’ with a charitable component again in 2022 — and invites other companies to join them.