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99 %

Increase in sales

13 %

Decrease in ACOS

5 %

Profitability increase




Strategic targeting of Beau Lashes’ ideal audience improved organic rankings and attracted the right customers

Beau Lashes had a problem: the wrong audience was purchasing their professional-grade products by accident. This created a flux of negative Amazon reviews that hurt conversion rates. We restructured their existing campaigns and optimized product titles, boosting click-though rates, sales, conversions, and organic ranking.


Beau Lashes is a brand that connects high-quality products to professional eyelash technicians.

Because they sell directly to trained technicians, Beau Lashes extensively tests their products both internally and through an external network of professional lash artists to ensure that each product meets their high standards.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Beau Lashes’ founders know just how important it is for a technician to keep their kit stocked with safe, trusted products that also produce gorgeous and long-lasting results.


As Beau Lashes’ founders learned, there was a key difference between selling their product on their own website and selling those same products on Amazon.

Their website was created with the understanding that they were selling to an audience of professional lash technicians. Beau Lashes’ products are meant to be applied by a professional, and in the hands of untrained amateurs, it’s difficult to replicate salon-quality results at home…

And that’s exactly what happened when Beau Lashes started selling on Amazon.

Beau Lashes noticed a worrying trend of negative Amazon product reviews from customers attempting at-home eyelash lifts, and this was a serious problem because reviews and rating affects every aspect of a seller’s account—from organic ranking to PPC advertising to conversions.

For Beau Lashes, that meant that even when their product found the right audience (trained lash technicians who knew how to properly apply the product), the product reviews were turning them off from buying.

This crucial disconnect between Beau Lashes’ intended customers and actual customers was sinking their sales, and while they recognized the problem, they had no idea how to fix it.


While growing overall sales was a priority, we knew that we needed to help Beau Lashes reach more of their ideal customers.

That’s why we immediately began restructuring existing campaigns and rigorously researching keywords and competitors to strategically drive higher-quality traffic to Beau Lashes’ listings. We knew that improving our targeting strategy would result in more relevant, convertible traffic (not to mention help bring down ACoS).

In the eyes of the Amazon algorithm, everything is connected. Boosting click-through rates and sales meant that Beau Lashes’ organic ranking would also improve.

The second piece of the puzzle was optimizing Beau Lashes’ product title. By adding “for Professionals” to relevant product titles, we aimed to attract the right customers (and weed out the wrong ones).



After just three months of partnering with CANOPY Management, Beau Lashes’ star rating jumped from 3.2 to 4, and sales were up by nearly 100%! At the same time that overall sales almost doubled, we were also able to identify areas of wasted PPC spend and bring ACoS down by 12.8%.

Our keyword targeting strategy combined with better optimized product titles worked together to double average click-through rates as we helped the brand connect more effectively with their target customers.

In turn, sales, conversion rates, and organic ranking all shot up as well! Plus, this boost earned Beau Lashes 2 Amazon Choice badges along with first and second place organic ranking in relevant searches for multiple products.

(Remember how we said that everything on Amazon is connected?)

Now, not only is Beau Lashes the brand of choice for professional lash technicians, they have the badge to prove it!

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