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CANOPY Management Introduces Full-Service Amazon Creative Department

  • March 9, 2021
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  • CANOPY Management

This week, leading Amazon agency CANOPY Management announced that it would be expanding its offerings to include additional Creative Services for Amazon sellers.

Early in 2020, CANOPY Management publicly rolled out a successful Amazon listing optimization service. After a year of full operation, this service has been shown to increase conversion rates by 38% for its clients through a meticulous process that includes research, copywriting, and product photography.

However, as Amazon continues to introduce new options for brands selling on its platform, the agency recognized that the creative needs of their clients were also growing.

“Amazon is constantly evolving as a platform, and we wanted to be able to better meet the specific needs of our clients with a broader range of services. We saw an opportunity to produce greater results and leverage our optimization expertise in the most meaningful way for all of our clients,” said Steve Pattison, CANOPY’s Listing Optimization Manager.

As noted by Pattison, Amazon continues to introduce and improve upon features that allow sellers to include custom branding elements, such as branded Amazon Stores, A+ Content within product detail pages, and Amazon Posts. This opens up opportunities for sellers to build brand equity by customizing their on-Amazon presence to match their other sales channels.

In addition to CANOPY Management’s existing full listing optimization service, this latest rollout includes Amazon Post management and large catalog listing renovation, along with à la carte product photography and listing copy optimization.

“In short, listing optimization is not a ‘one-size fits all’ proposition, and every listing needs something different to really help it perform at its best,” said Pattison on expanding CANOPY’s à la carte offerings.

Pattison, who was responsible for spearheading the expansion, will oversee the new Amazon Creative Services Department.

“We are OBSESSED with winning customers’ wallets, says Pattison. “Far too many sellers make the mistake of only focusing on increasing detail page traffic, but what really matters is how that traffic converts into more sales for your Amazon business. Want more from your PPC advertising? Want to stand out in a sea of competitive products? When your conversion rate increases, everything else just performs better!”

CANOPY Management is a full-service marketing agency that is the force behind many of the most successful brands on Amazon.