Wolves Among Sheep: The Difference Between Multi-Million Dollar Amazon Sellers . . . and the Sheep

January 18, 2022 Chuck Kessler

Wolves Among Sheep: The Difference Between Multi-Million Dollar Amazon Sellers . . . and the Sheep

Leave the Flock Behind with Optimization Strategies That Make Your Amazon Listings Jump Off the Page. Watch the Webinar Replay Below!

You’re an Amazon seller. 

Maybe you got your start by signing up for an Amazon selling course that you heard about on Facebook or YouTube. Or, perhaps a friend that was already selling on Amazon taught you a thing or two. In either case, one of the first things that you will become aware of is the importance of Amazon listing optimization. 

Are Amazon Sellers Sheep? 

But, there’s a big problem with that. There are now over 9.7 million Amazon sellers worldwide. A large percentage of those sellers are watching the same videos and attending similar courses in their quest to make it onto Amazon’s first page. If that’s not the case, they could be following the identical path that their Amazon-selling friends did when they began. 

As I’ve written in a previous blog post, Amazon is perfectly happy if everyone is a little bit successful. After all, they are going to get paid one way or the other. However, you are uniquely focused on the success of your own product. You are in COMPETITION with the rest of the sellers in your niche. 

How Does Amazon Decide Who Gets the Sale? 

With over 300 million active users, and 75 million products, how does Amazon keep track of all of those Amazon sellers’ product rankings? 

Answer: A very smart machine. 

Amazon’s engineers have designed and built a series of increasingly sophisticated algorithms to help them determine what products rise to the top of search results. 

According to experts, the recent roll out of Amazon’s A10 algorithm continues to reward ecommerce sellers that take the time to thoroughly optimize their Amazon listings. The A10 algorithm also attempts to increase visibility for listings with authentic reviews and seems to have doubled down on the importance of external traffic. 

Why is It Important to Optimize Your Amazon Listing? 

As an Amazon seller, your goal is to make that algorithm very happy with your listing. 

One way of doing that is to answer shoppers’ questions well before they are forced to ask. Because of that, Amazon product listings should tell prospective customers everything they want (and need) to know about a given product. Product listings include images and videos, a keyword-rich, informative title, and bullet-pointed descriptions of the product. 

Amazon sellers should start by conducting extensive keyword research to understand the keywords that the product is searchable for. Then, use those keywords to help optimize the listing. 

Amazon product listing optimization is the process of making sure that every part of the product listing is clear, concise and easy to understand. By doing so you are trying to ensure that the listing shows up prominently in relevant product searches at the top of Amazon’s first page.  

Here’s a pretty standard Amazon product listing optimization checklist: 

  • Conduct extensive, niche-relevant keyword research
  • Make sure that you have at least 6 high-quality images (including lifestyle images, infographics, and video)
  • Craft an organic, easy-to-read descriptive title with at least 80 characters, and be sure to include important keywords
  • Your product description should be short, clear, and highlight the important features of your product. A great product description should tell your customers why they should buy from you rather than your competitors

Why Do So Many Amazon Search Results Look the Same? 

Amazon’s ecosystem is packed full with YouTube videos and online courses offering easy-to-follow directions that promise to get new ecommerce sellers onto Amazon’s first page. 

As I mentioned above, the problem with these cookie-cutter courses is their by-the-book approach to selling on Amazon. Have you ever stood in an aisle at the grocery store completely baffled by the identical boxes of yogurt or cereal, unable to make a decision? Eventually, almost at random, you pick one just to get out of the store. 

There are a lot of Amazon sellers doing a pretty good job with their ecommerce business. But, that leaves plenty of room for those few Amazon sellers that want to take things to another level. 

That’s why you not only want to fully optimize your Amazon product listing, you also need to STAND OUT! 

Now, Let’s Talk About Optimization 2.0

This isn’t something that many sellers are doing. It involves thinking OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. It’s also a process CANOPY Management uses to optimize every one of our partners’ Amazon product listings. 

The goal is to make sure that the listings JUMP off of the Amazon page. 

Over the last two years, CANOPY Management has a proven track record of generating an industry-leading average 38% lift in conversions. 

And that’s not all . . .

The benefits of CANOPY Management’s Optimization process reaches beyond the Amazon listing itself to include: 

  • Increased visibility
  • Increased engagement
  • Reduced ad costs
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Increased profit

How YOU Can Take Advantage of CANOPY Management’s Optimization Skills 

We’d love for you to become part of the CANOPY Management family of Amazon Agency Partners that we work with on an ongoing, day-to-day basis. 

But, with CANOPY Management’s Brian R. Johnson’s recent webinar, we’ve expanded the reach of our Amazon listing optimization knowledge to a wider audience. 

CANOPY’s Brian R. Johnson has helped over 20,000 brands grow on Amazon and sell over one billion dollars through ppc ad strategy, conversion rate optimization, and differentiation. 

To watch a replay of the webinar, please click here or on the image below

CANOPY Management leverages our experience from across all corners of the Amazon industry to help you scale your business, and gain market share. This partnership allows you exacting control of your Amazon business. At the same time you will benefit from the wealth of experience and expertise of the CANOPY Management team. 

It’s a new year and with the growth of ecommerce, this rising online-selling tide is going to lift a lot of boats. Now is a great time to reap some benefits yourself! 


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