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CANOPY Management Unveils New Listing Returns Calculator for Amazon Sellers

  • March 9, 2021
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  • CANOPY Management
ROI Calculator

Today, the Amazon agency CANOPY Management publicly released a first-of-its-kind Listing Optimization Returns Calculator for Amazon sellers.

Listing optimization refers to the practice of evaluating and reworking a seller’s existing listing content to improve the product listing’s search visibility, click-through-rate, and conversion rate with the ultimate goal of driving more product sales.

This Listing Optimization Returns Calculator, which incorporates first-party data from CANOPY Management’s original optimization research, is designed to calculate the additional 30-, 90-, and 365-day revenue generated by listings that have undergone a thorough optimization process.

This new tool will allow sellers to input data from their own listings to accurately gauge the return on investment of listing optimization. CANOPY Management believes this information will help those sellers to make more informed decisions regarding their Amazon business strategy.

“We love this calculator because it provides helpful insight on the dollars you are leaving on the table by not optimizing your product listings,” said Steve Pattison, Director of the Amazon Creative Services Department at CANOPY Management. “It’s finely tuned to produce the most accurate estimate of potential growth relative to your baselines. In short, it’s a fair assessment of what to expect in terms of a return on investment in the success of your Amazon listings.”

Amazon estimates that there are 2.5 million sellers who use the ecommerce platform to sell their products, which leads to high competition among sellers in the same product niche.

“It’s not about the traffic, it’s about what you do with it,” said Pattison. “When you optimize your page to convert lookers into buyers, you grow your brand and establish a loyal customer base.”

CANOPY Management’s own listing optimization service involves a rigorous process of competitive research, copywriting, and product photography. The result of this full process is, on average, a 38% lift in conversion rate for the optimized listing.

Utilizing this data and additional relevant factors, the Listing Optimization Returns Calculator helps sellers measure how similar conversion rate lifts will impact their revenue.

CANOPY Management’s Listing Optimization Returns Calculator is currently available to use for free.