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Candid Partners: How This Beauty Brand Thrived After Being Snubbed by Other Agencies

Loran’s co-founders found that other agencies didn’t “get” their brand. To find out why working with Canopy felt like a true partnership, read the interview below

  • June 20, 2023
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It seems that we all know somebody selling on Amazon. And, increasingly, those somebodies are women. Whether it’s replacing an unloved (and often inflexible) job, saving for a special purchase, or simply as a side hustle, selling on Amazon has received a lot of attention from women with the ideas, and the determination to do the work necessary to make the jump from ideation to ecommerce success. 

This recent conversation between two long-time friends, entrepreneurs, and Canopy partners not only gives a glimpse into what it’s like to work with an Amazon Agency, it also makes it clear that there’s a special kind of solidarity that comes from women supporting (ecommerce) women. 

Amber Lopez and Joan Rantz are co-owners at Loran, a luxury home goods company, primarily focusing on bathroom linens, that sells on Amazon. They met in college and have been friends for a long time. 10 years ago, and after each had started their own families, they decided that they really wanted to build an ecommerce business together. 

We’ll let Amber and Joan take it from here:


(Canopy Management’s Creative Services Supervisor) Ashlynn and her team just really seemed to get us, especially as a woman-owned business. We are bringing a lot of our values to the table and I really feel like they understood that. It really felt like we had a close partnership with them. 

Everything was so easy!

— Loran

I think that’s the other real breeze about working with Canopy. Everything went to plan. It was very clear. They were incredibly responsive whenever we had questions. It was just a really friendly, efficient but incredibly professional, spot-on aesthetic relationship with them.


Yeah, it really felt more like a partnership than a transaction.

When we first met Ashlynn and her Creative team at Canopy, we were very impressed. Right off the bat, Ashlynn was super knowledgeable about the online marketplace. She seemed to really connect with what we wanted out of Creative Services. 

Amber and I were like “this is it, this is the look we are looking for.” The professionalism, the creativity, the overall aesthetic that we want to represent our brand. 

We had spoken with other agencies, but they always told us that we were too small. 

We didn’t feel like they could really give us the kind of boost that we were looking for. When we spoke with Ashlynn that did not seem to be a concern of hers at all. 


That was one of our biggest fears that we had with a lot of other agencies. We were really hoping to find somebody who really got us. 

That connection was there once we met Ashlyn and her team. That kind of understanding of the Amazon marketplace was really important.


When we started the company, Amber and I were primarily doing wholesale. We were just buying products and reselling them. Then we started flirting with the idea of sourcing our own products and selling them under our brand name. 

I was using my son’s baby washcloths to wash my face every night because they were smaller in size than normal washcloths. They were just easier to handle. 

So I thought, well, why don’t we just sell a pack of the same type of idea the same size, and make it super soft for your face. We could market them as face wash cloths and sell them under the beauty category. So that’s what we did. 


I think there’s a really specific aesthetic for that space. We were able to find really incredible, creative directorship with Ashlynn and her team. 

We have a lot of stories (of our work with other agencies) from before where we had pictures done and our washcloth products were not steamed. They looked wrinkled, and creased. We brought that up to Ashlynn and said that these are the kinds of details that are important to us. 

She said, “Don’t worry, we will never let that happen. We will absolutely take care of it.” 

She just really understood from the get go that we were trying to make luxury accessible. It matters how the product is positioned, what the lighting is, who the model is. I have to tell you, we were really impressed as well with the model that Canopy supplied. She did a fantastic job and will be a great face for Loran.

Canopy did such a wonderful job for us in listening to us and our feedback, no matter how strange it seemed. It was like, “no questions asked, we totally get it.” They would address everything in a super fast, efficient and friendly way. That was a really nice thing about working with Ashlynn and her team.



A lot of the time I feel like the Canopy team was really anticipating our needs and that really helps. When you’re a smaller business and you have a lot of different balls in the air, Canopy was able to say, “hey, can we help you in this way? We’ll upload those images for you.” 

There’s this special touch that Ashlynn and her team brought to it that made this really easy for us.

But, the number one thing was how easy this process was. That was the most surprising thing. There was a quick phone call, and we seemed to align really quickly. Then we were off to the races.


Yeah, that was really the main thing. It was just the whole experience. It was surprisingly easy and seamless.

We would have no hesitation at all in recommending Canopy to a friend. It is fun, seamless, and the people are very friendly, creative and knowledgeable about the online marketplace. Still, for me, the main benefit of working with Canopy is that it is truly a partnership. 

You’re not just hiring an outside entity to do a task, you’re partners on the project. 


If I were to tell a friend about Canopy, I would say that it really feels like they’re invested in your success. It really makes a difference. 

It just means the world to have that kind of partnership. Particularly a partner who really understands the marketplace. We were really able to touch on all of those elements with our work with Canopy. 

How Canopy Management Can Help

Whether it’s women helping women, or you’ve got a great idea for an Amazon product that’s perfect for your man cave, Canopy Management is here for you. 

Canopy Management is a full-service marketing agency for Amazon and Walmart sellers. Our team consists of former Amazonians, multi-million dollar sellers, and award-winning experts. 

When you consider the many ways that Canopy Management can help you grow your business, you’ll see why selling on Amazon is much easier “under the Canopy.”

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