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The Prime Day Power Move: How to Sell More During the Biggest eCommerce Event of the Year

Get More Eyes on Your Amazon Product, Hook Shoppers, and Increase Add-to-Carts With These Three Top Strategies From CANOPY Management!

  • July 6, 2022
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  • Brian Burt

By the time that this post is in circulation it’ll be less than one week until the start of Amazon Prime Day 2022. If you’ve just woken up from a long nap, Amazon Prime Day is a two-day sales event where Prime subscribers can access incredible deals on (very) popular Amazon products. Nonmembers, don’t worry, there are still a lot of discounts that you qualify for!

Amazon’s first Prime Day was July 15, 2015, and lasted 24 hours. This year, Prime Day is set for July 12 and 13, but as usual, there are many Amazon products already being promoted (and heavily discounted!) 

Here are just a few examples of the kind of deals that are available: 

Why Should Amazon Sellers Be So Concerned About a Two-Day Event?

Most Amazon shoppers will probably pick up a few items over the two-day Prime Day event, but this post is REALLY about how Amazon sellers can use Prime Day to supercharge their eCommerce business. (It’s also about how clever sellers can take a very effective shortcut)

One big reason that Amazon sellers should highlight this date on their eCommerce calendar is that Prime Day has evolved to become a month-long event. Because of that, Amazon sellers can (and should) target Prime member audiences that visit Amazon before, during, and after Prime Day.

You can also engage new audiences. Promoting your “deals” is a great way to hook Amazon shoppers on your brand. That’s why many Amazon sellers see an increase in new-to-brand customers on Prime Day.

By taking full advantage of Amazon Prime Day, you’re able to make Amazon shoppers aware of your entire portfolio of products. They might be drawn to the flashy sales, but once they’ve got their credit cards out, it’s tempting to keep buying. It’s like going to the supermarket. You might seek out one or two items that are on sale, but 70% of your cart is going to be regular price items. 

Don’t Wait for Amazon Prime Day to Do the Work for You – Get Proactive! 

CANOPY Management’s Brian R Johnson recently recorded a webinar that details how Amazon sellers can use Prime Day as a huge lever to help crack open Amazon’s increasingly competitive marketplace. 

(Click the image above, or here to access the replay) 

Brian has long been at the forefront of eCommerce and Amazon advertising strategic thought. He’s an integral part of CANOPY Management’s team of experts. Brian knows that taking advantage of seasonal events like Prime Day can be the difference between success and failure as an Amazon seller. 

That’s why, in this webinar replay, he’s going to detail the exact strategies that have allowed CANOPY partners to attain the following results:

In the webinar replay, Brian Johnson discusses three critical priorities that Amazon sellers need to concentrate their attention on; Getting More Eyes on Your Amazon Product, Hooking the Shopper, and Increasing Add-to-Carts.

In the webinar you’ll learn how to: 

Get More Eyes on Your Amazon Product

Hook The Shopper

Increase Add-to-Carts

CANOPY Pro Tip: 

Product Listing Optimization That Stands Out!

Experienced Amazon sellers know that it’s hard to be successful without a properly optimized listing. It’s at the heart of what the Amazon Creative Services team does at CANOPY Management. Whether it’s Amazon PPC advertising or a new product launch, you’re not going to have success without a well-optimized product listing. 

Here are three Amazon listing optimization strategies that ALL eCommerce sellers need to concentrate on: 

Identify the pattern, then leverage the opportunity. Identifying common patterns among search results provides Amazon sellers opportunities to emphasize product image and title differences allowing you to stand out from the crowd of similar products. 

Grab shoppers’ attention with your main image. Make sure to split-test your main images. Then, choose the one that best stands out from the crowd. (For example: different colors, higher contrast, an unusual shape, pattern, or direction)

Hook their interest with your title. Split-test your product listing titles and try to be a little different, don’t emulate all of your competition. Make sure to test uncommon words, or unique selling propositions and benefits. You never know what might trigger a longer glance, or a sale! 

How CANOPY Management Can Help

CANOPY Management is a “full service” marketing agency for Amazon sellers, and our team consists of former Amazonians, multi-million dollar sellers, and award-winning experts. When you consider the ways in which CANOPY Management is able to help you grow your Amazon business, you’ll know why.

Are you looking to expand your income stream, or transition away from your primary career? It’s a new year and with the growth of eCommerce, now is a great time to reap some benefits yourself!

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