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Is Canva Becoming a Great Way to Get Your Amazon Product Found?

Should You Rely On Canva to Help Rank Your Amazon Listings? Or, Is There a Better Way? Here’s What You Need to Know!

  • May 30, 2024
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  • CANOPY Management
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Are you looking to supercharge your creative process, collaborate more effectively with your team, and create compelling product listings that drive sales? Canva, the leading graphic design platform, recently announced a suite of new features and integrations designed to revolutionize the way businesses and creatives work. 

In addition to a wide range of product updates, Canva’s California event also showcased an Amazon Ads/Canva collaboration for the first time. While still in beta, the integration points to a range of innovative features and AI-powered capabilities referred to as Canva Connect. 

Here’s a rundown on all of Canva’s latest updates:

A screenshot of a desktop view of a Canva dashboard

Redesigned Editing Experience

Canva has introduced a completely revamped editing interface to optimize the design process and facilitate better collaboration among teams. The redesigned workspace offers a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, allowing users to focus on their creative work while easily accessing the tools and resources they need. Key features include:

A desktop view of a Canva dashboard showing a report screen

Canva Enterprise

Canva Enterprise is a new offering tailored for large organizations, providing centralized management, enhanced security, and dedicated support. Key features include:

Admin Console: Manage teams, permissions, and access controls from a centralized dashboard.

ISO Certification: Ensures information security with support for SCIM user provisioning/deprovisioning.

Single Sign-On (SSO): Integrate with existing enterprise identity providers for secure access.

Personalized Support: Dedicated design, onboarding, training, and custom integration development services.

Powerful Workplace Tools

Canva has launched a range of new workplace tools to boost productivity and enhance visual communication across various teams and functions:

Canva Courses: Create interactive training materials and courses for employee onboarding, skills development, and more.

Work Kits: Access collections of specialized templates, best practices, and resources tailored for specific teams.

Bulk Create: Generate multiple personalized designs from data sources like CSV or Excel files.

Integrations: Connect Canva with popular productivity apps like Asana,, SharePoint, and HubSpot.

Recording Tool: Add voice overs, record screens, or narrate presentations to create engaging content.

A desktop view of a Canva dashboard showing a available courses

AI-Powered Capabilities

Canva has significantly expanded its AI capabilities to simplify complex tasks and inspire creativity, making it easier for users to create stunning designs without requiring advanced technical skills. 

The platform now harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to automate time-consuming processes, generate unique design elements, and provide intelligent suggestions that enhance the overall creative experience. 

With these AI-powered tools, Canva aims to empower users at all skill levels to produce professional-grade visual content more efficiently. The expanded AI capabilities include:

Text to Graphic – This innovative feature allows users to generate unique icons, stickers, and illustrations simply by describing what they need. 

Styles & Layouts – Canva’s AI can now analyze the visual style of any design and apply it to the user’s current project with just a single click. 

Upgraded Magic Design – Canva’s flagship AI design tool, Magic Design, has been enhanced with the latest generative AI technology. 

Personalized Tone of Voice – Magic Write, Canva’s AI writing assistant, can now adapt to a user’s unique tone of voice by analyzing a sample of their writing. 

AI-Powered Photo/Video Editing – Canva has introduced a range of AI-driven tools to simplify photo and video editing processes. The Magic Grab tool allows users to select and manipulate individual elements within a photo, providing a level of control previously only achievable with advanced editing software. 

For video content, the AI-powered Highlights tool can automatically identify and extract the most engaging clips, making it easier to create compelling social media content. 

A desktop view of a Canva dashboard showing how to create a video

Canva Connect 

Canva Connect (still in beta) integrates Canva with the Amazon Ads creative library, allowing users to easily import and export brand content. This integration promises to revolutionize the way businesses and creatives work with Amazon Ads, streamlining the creative process and enhancing overall efficiency. Key features and benefits include:

Seamless Integration – Canva Connect provides a direct link between Canva and the Amazon Ads creative library, enabling users to effortlessly transfer content between the two platforms.

Powerful Design Tools – With Canva Connect, users gain access to a range of advanced editing tools that simplify complex design tasks. 

Streamlined Workflows for Brands – Canva Connect offers significant benefits for brands of all sizes. Canva’s capabilities could serve as a great equalizer for small brands. For large brands, the integration could dramatically shrink the time needed for approvals and iterations.

Compliance and Asset Management – Canva Connect simplifies the process of ensuring that creatives meet Amazon Ads’ approval guidelines. By integrating with Amazon Ads’ guidelines and requirements, the platform helps users create compliant creatives from the outset, reducing the risk of rejection and saving valuable time. 

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