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What’s Working Now in Amazon Advertising

Choosing the Right Advertising Strategy is Critical. This Masterclass Training Video Will Give You the Tools You Need to Stand Out!

  • October 25, 2022
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  • Brian R. Johnson

If you want to be successful in eCommerce, you need to make sure that you’re spending your Amazon PPC advertising dollars intelligently.

That means using up-to-date Amazon advertising strategies that are going to get your listings to the top of Amazon’s first page AND keep a good chunk of your money where it belongs, in your pocket!

Here’s the problem.

When a person shops on Amazon, they have immediate access to over 600 million products from sellers all over the world. The advantages of leveraging Amazon’s massive reach to sell your product are obvious. What’s less clear is how your business can compete and stand out in such a crowded marketplace.

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Spending Your Amazon Advertising Dollars Effectively

Advertising is an obvious answer, but what kind of advertising should you consider to drive traffic to your Amazon listing?

Amazon sponsored product, sponsored brand, sponsored display, and Amazon DSP, are all great ways to boost your Amazon SEO. What you need is the right combination of Amazon ad products to make your Amazon marketing (and product listing) both stand out.

Every dollar that you are able to save on Amazon advertising will contribute to the positive side of your balance sheet. An inefficient Amazon marketing strategy can absolutely drain a business’ financial resources.

CANOPY Management‘s superpower has always been its ability to make businesses (much) more profitable. That’s why CANOPY‘s team of Amazon marketing pros are always testing new strategies to reinforce what we’ve learned from our work with our partners.

eCommerce Sellers Have a New Way of Shopping (and Living)

The world has dramatically changed over these years of global pandemic. The challenges that eCommerce sellers have all been forced to face are almost endless. They include everything from enormous supply chain disruptions to wholesale changes in buying behavior that have been compounded by the exponential growth of online shopping.

Amazon Ads wrote that according to a 2021 study from Environics Research and Amazon Ads, 75% of consumers in the US and Europe have recently modified their way of life to concentrate more on things that are “of value.”

Additionally, 68% of consumers in Mexico, Europe, Canada, and the US say they are more likely to buy from a brand that is willing to take a stand on social issues. Sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion are among the top issues that are important to consumers.

That’s a significant change that probably would have happened, but much further in the future. It speaks to the volatility of life itself for an Amazon seller in what’s soon to be 2023, and specifically to the complexities of eCommerce digital marketing.

Success on Amazon often comes down to a seller’s ability to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

When Amazon rolled out the new Custom Product Image Creatives for Sponsored Display ads, it added one more way that those sellers with the ability to conjure up high-end creative resources can separate themselves from all the rest.

Custom Image Creatives for your Amazon product help you highlight why shoppers should buy your product rather than that of your competitors. Using Sponsored Display Ads, Amazon’s Custom product images allow you to upload your own product images, including those with non-white background colors, to help convey your brand and product story.

This is just one of the many ways that selling on Amazon (and the Amazon advertising that fuels it) has changed. To keep up to date with all the changes, you can either dedicate yourself to a full-time study of selling on Amazon, or take a short cut and reach out to an Amazon management agency like CANOPY.

Pro Tip:

CANOPY Management’s Creative Services Team specializes in helping Amazon (and other eCommerce sellers) differentiate their product listings and brand to get to the top of Amazon’s first page and win the Buy Box for your Amazon store.

How to Find Out What’s Working Now in Amazon Advertising

We’d love for you to become part of CANOPY Management’s family of Amazon Agency Partners that we work with on an ongoing, day-to-day basis.

But, CANOPY Management‘s Brian R. Johnson wanted to expand the reach of CANOPY’s Amazon marketing services even further. Because of that, this recent Amazon Masterclass Training titled “What’s Working Now in Amazon Advertising,” is available to all.

CANOPY’s Brian R. Johnson has helped over 20,000 brands grow on Amazon and sell over one billion dollars through ppc ad strategy, conversion rate optimization, and differentiation.

This Masterclass Training should be required viewing for eCommerce sellers looking to gain the upper hand. Here’s a little bit of what Brian will cover:

Click here, or on the image below to watch the Amazon Masterclass Training.

How CANOPY Management Can Help

The best way to get ready for where eCommerce is headed in the future is to pay attention to the newer strategies that help you put your products in front of buyers. That includes live selling, off-Amazon advertising strategies, and of course, TikTok.

You’ll also want to make sure that you’ve covered the basics with your online business. That means Amazon account management, listing optimization, and pay per click (PPC) advertising. When you’re ready to take your eCommerce brand to the next level, reach out to the pros at CANOPY Management, the fastest growing Amazon and eCommerce agency in the world.

CANOPY Management is a full-service marketing agency for Amazon sellers. Our team consists of former Amazonians, multi-million dollar sellers, and award-winning experts. When you consider the many ways that CANOPY Management can help you grow your business, you’ll see why selling on Amazon is much easier “under the Canopy”:

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