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Increase in Sales


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The Brand

Updraft Ventures is a niche category within grocery. They sell high fiber products, including gummies, cereal, and tea. This partner relies purely on the catalog of these three products. Their products have many great reviews and they pride themselves in the strong brand they have created.

The Problem

Even though Updraft Ventures had a deep knowledge of their converting keywords, his company was so large that the owner, Mario, did not have enough time to learn and implement the ever-changing strategies that Amazon PPC offers.

For example, the account lacked the use of Sponsored Brand Ads and not all SKUs were in advertising. These products needed extensive keyword research and expansion on ad types since they were completely reliant on the three SKUs.

Finally, the account needed structure within their campaigns. Their keyword match types were mixed within campaigns, which prevented an account manager from discovering which match types work best and limiting spend.

The Solution

Canopy’s first action item was to create all ad types with the best performing keywords. Since we already had this data from Mario, we were able to implement this right away. We saw immediate results since the keywords that were performed well in Sponsored Products, often perform as successful in Sponsored Brand campaigns.

Then, we expanded on these keywords with our extensive keyword research process. This process allows us to find keywords that customers have already searched for while they are looking for Updraft Ventures Products or similar products. This increased traffic to their account, which resulted in more sales.

As expanded on Mario’s account, we began to optimize their account for the best performing keywords. We restructured campaigns, which gives us a clear picture of how each keyword performs. We eliminated low converting keywords with high spend, which allocates more money to better performers.

Advertising Sales:

In February of 2020, ads sales were around $14,000, with an average ACoS of 60.52%. By May of 2020, their ad sales had increased to $53,101.34, with an average ACoS of 40.92%. Within this short period of time, we increased overall sales by 208%, while increasing profitability by 20%. Our close attention to the campaigns has proven to be extremely effective for Updraft Ventures.

In the short term, their ad sales increased and ACoS automatically dropped. However, in the long term, it continues to increase sales and decrease ACoS, and each month we have seen improvement.

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