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Lost market share isn’t lost forever, thanks to the power of hyper-targeted DSP campaigns

When you’ve maxed out one marketing channel, it isn’t always easy to get a new one off the ground. Thanks to our experience with Demand-Side Platform, we brought Keranique a wave of new revenue with excellent ROAS


Keranique is a well-recognized global leader in women’s healthy hair regrowth solutions.

As an established brand with a strong on- and off-Amazon presence, Keranique was already utilizing multiple marketing channels, creative assets, and audiences. Plus, they had already been working with CANOPY Management’s PPC team for over a year.

While Keranique is the industry expert in hair regrowth, the brand’s owner discovered that he would need a new strategy to regain lost market share.



Keranique’s PPC advertising was now under control. (Thanks to CANOPY Management, the brand hit $3.8M in Amazon PPC sales this year!) That meant it was time to focus on a new goal—reaching new audiences and increasing sales to truly conquer the market for their niche.

Of course, they knew they needed to do this while also keeping all marketing channels profitable.

But there was a problem… This brand had completely maxed out their Sponsored Display spend and sales. We also recognized that other off-Amazon marketing channels weren’t going to cut it for this powerhouse brand.

With limited reporting for on-Amazon conversions, other channels would not be enough to profitably scale up our marketing strategy and achieve our Partner’s goal. (After all, if you can’t measure it, you can’t optimize it!)

We’d need to evolve our strategy and help this Partner explore new marketing channels to beat out their top competitors and regain lost market share.



For the competitive advantage this brand needed to reach their revenue goal, the clear solution was Amazon DSP.

With DSP, we could take a full-funnel approach to promote the brand both on- and off-Amazon through video, custom creatives, and dynamic ecommerce ads while leveraging Amazon’s exclusive customer data and targeting capabilities.

Using carefully constructed campaigns at each point in the funnel, we were able to reach new customers, retarget past browsers, and build a base of loyal, repeat customers.

First, we created consideration campaigns to bring back interested, high-intent shoppers who viewed Keranique’s Amazon detail pages but hadn’t yet made a purchase. This was step one, and it helped us to immediately bring in revenue that was being left on the table.

Step two was to fill up the funnel with relevant, inMarket segments by launching prospecting campaigns targeted at high affinity audiences and designed to attract new-to-brand customers.

Finally, we set up loyalty campaigns to drive Subscribe and Save purchases and remind customers at exactly the right time when they were ready to restock their favorite products.

After just 10 months of implementing this full-funnel DSP strategy, we’re ready to share the results…




Our full-funnel DSP strategy was just what this million-dollar brand needed to win back market share in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Keranique is an established brand with existing brand awareness. Despite that, our prospecting campaigns yielded great results. Of the >$520,000 in DSP sales, nearly half of those sales were new-to-brand.

Plus, not only did we help this Partner to grow their top-line revenue, we helped them do it profitably! Across all of our campaigns, we achieved a total Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) of 3.14x.

But the real success story here is the result of our loyalty campaigns.

Our top-performing loyalty campaign produced a staggering 12.12x RoAS for repeat purchases, and we drove 1,046 new Subscribe-and-Saves, totaling $52,300 in average recurring revenue!

For a brand with a lot of replenishable products like Keranique, these loyalty campaigns are a competitive advantage for consistently driving revenue month after month as customers are reminded when it’s time to restock!

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