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Just because a product isn’t selling (yet) doesn’t mean you should abandon it – here’s why

Despite having a great product, INEX Life was losing big time on their baby playmat. Our team went to work and immediately fixed the issues, making it a consistent (and profitable) revenue stream again.


INEX Life sells a range of home products designed to make life easier, safer, and smarter.

Their baby playmat, in particular, is designed to fit perfectly into a lifestyle magazine spread. With a classic interlocking pattern of sleek greys and outlines of exotic animals, their product is designed to not only keep babies safe during playtime but keep parents happy with a chic design they wouldn’t be ashamed to leave in the living room.

However, although the owner of INEX Life had confidence in his product’s design and superior features, it just wasn’t selling.



At the end of the year, INEX Life was thinking of pulling the plug on the soft foam baby playmat and focusing on other, better-performing products.

Keep in mind, baby category sellers face stiff competition from household names and Amazon’s own brands. Successful products tend to rely heavily on branding to build consumer confidence and reassure customers that their little ones are in good hands.

That’s why some shoppers are willing to pay a little more than they usually would for a product they can trust.

In fact, if you ask a group of parents what they would look for in a playmat for their baby, chances are, you’re going to hear the word “safe” more than once.

For parents, one of their top priorities is protecting their little one from accidentally hurting themselves on hard flooring or sharp edges around the house—and that’s exactly why they’d go to Amazon to look for a solution.

Unfortunately, they weren’t finding what they were looking for when they landed on INEX Life’s product page.

The word “safe” didn’t appear even a single time in their listing copy or even their backend search terms, and overall, their copy and imagery focused more on product specifications than on tangible benefits to the customer.

With INEX Life’s playmat priced higher than most, the product listing just wasn’t convincing shoppers that it was worth the money.


After a quick look at INEX Life’s product listing, we knew that we needed to help them put their customer first.

Product specs and measurements don’t convince anyone—especially not cautious parents—to buy. Plus, the lack of lifestyle imagery meant that INEX Life was missing out on a valuable opportunity to help shoppers visualize how their product would actually fit into their lives as parents.

For a product like this, these two problems—lack of benefits-driven copy and lack of lifestyle imagery—were killing conversion rates.

We needed to show how this list of product features translated into real, tangible benefits and convince shoppers that the higher price point truly represented higher quality.

That meant our team needed to completely overhaul the listing with brand-new copy, backend search terms, and product imagery that all focused on what shoppers really wanted from a baby playmat.




After all new assets were uploaded to the listing, we started seeing instant results.

Conversions and sales immediately rose from the months prior, and over the next three months, conversions stayed consistently higher than the previous average CVR. At the end of this three-month results tracking period, average CVR increased by 44.7%, and sales were up by over 52% overall!

What did those results mean for INEX Life?

It meant that not only did the owner NOT have to discontinue his product, it was now consistently generating more sales and thousands of dollars more in revenue every month!

Now, instead of being hidden behind a long list of product specs, INEX Life’s new baby playmat listing shows that playtime can be safe and stylish!

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