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Expert campaign structure solves for both high ad costs and stiff competition

Despite a great product with excellent reviews, Bag Nation was struggling to keep ad costs under control and outperform their competition. In less than 3 months, we helped them more than double sales, while slashing advertising costs.


Bag Nation is dedicated to making parenting easier, and they’ve spent more than 5 years on Amazon selling a new and improved version of a baby care must-have. Since the launch of the Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack, this brand has built a solid name for themselves and created a loyal group of raving fans.

But even with an innovative product, thousands of great reviews, and regularly updated listings, the brand owner knew he had to invest more into Amazon advertising in order to stay profitable and ahead of the competition in the crowded diaper bag category.

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While the owner of Bag Nation understood increasing his Amazon sales rank was all about making the best possible use of PPC advertising, he was too busy actually running his business to learn the ins and outs of creating and maintaining a profitable Amazon advertising strategy.

To meet the goal of increasing profitability, Bag Nation would not only need an ACoS of under 50% but also be able to ensure keyword domination. After all, baby care is an incredibly tight niche, and only a handful of keywords could make or break a business.


Bag Nation contacted CANOPY Management for help with developing a strong Amazon PPC strategy. After reviewing the brand’s account, we discovered underutilized auto-targeting, an imbalance in dynamic bidding, and the need to fine-tune keyword match types in order to leverage better-performing search results.

We recommended and implemented in-depth keyword research and optimization, an increase in ad types, making use of sponsored brand advertising, and the testing of dynamic bidding options for increased visibility, higher conversion rates, and lower ACoS.


After becoming a CANOPY Management Partner, the owner of Bag Nation was thrilled to find his profitability significantly increased due to bringing ACoS down from 70% to 33% in the first few months of 2020. There was also a boost in organic ranking on recommended keywords and overall sales.

Thanks to our listing optimization service and our recommendation to add more products to their store, Bag Nation has also seen an increase in conversion rates! Now, CANOPY Management will be assisting Bag Nation in the launch of several new products so they can leverage fresh sales opportunities and rise above the noise of this crowded niche.


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