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The Brand

Backed by creators, Panther Print offers beautiful interior wall decor for households of all interests. Their catalog is constantly changing with up to 300 new product rollouts in a six month period. In order to appeal to keep in touch with interior design trends, they have to present multiple new designs to consumers so that they do not go out of style.

The Problem

Even though Panther Print has high-quality products, they failed to target their niche properly which resulted in a low conversion rate. For each design, they only targeted unique keywords that only applied for that specific product. This limited their reach and prevented new customers from discovering their catalog.

Also, their use of Sponsored Brand Ads was extremely limited and they were not cross-selling to their other products. Since their product type is similar, they had a great opportunity to cross-sell their products so they did not lose a sale if a shopper was simply interested in another style.

The partner’s profit margin was high, which was a great opportunity for the partner to grow their sales and exposure at Amazon. Since they had more room for spending, we were able to spend more money more quickly in order to grow their business at a faster rate.

The Solution

Since their main issue was conversion rate, we originally focused on the highest converting terms and products for Sponsored Products ads of all targeting types-manual, auto, and product targeting, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display ads. This allowed us to expand first on their best products to increase sales rather than just allocating spend in every direction.

In addition, we began to set up cross targeting ads so that we were able to display multiple products from their catalog to increase the likelihood of purchase. Similarly, we added Sponsored Brand ads so that we could increase brand awareness on Amazon, which would slowly increase the conversion rate as consumers became more aware of the brand name and purchase again.

Finally, we added new keywords to their campaigns through our keyword research process, while taking advantage of multiple keyword match types. This allowed us to better target their niche without being ultra-specific to their product. Once we defined the best performing keywords, we added these to Sponsored Brand campaigns as well.

Advertising Sales:

In June of 2019, their advertising sales were $14,4417.37, with an average ACoS of 41.5%. By December of 2019, their sales had increased to $109,5540.81 with an average ACoS of 31.81%. Their overall sales increased by 447% with a 10% profitability increase.

Not only did our new strategies increase sales, but it also decreased ACoS so that the partner was making more money per sale. Our expansion process targeted the best converting keywords while cutting off spending where it was wasted.

We have still seen this partner mature as we are continuing to manage the account for this partner. Even as their product offerings evolve with interior design trends, they trust that their success on Amazon will not vary.

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