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The Brand

Supplements are one of the most competitive niches on Amazon. If you’re in this category, you’ll sympathize with Mary Ruth, who started her supplement company in 2014 after her mother beat cancer. It was her goal to create wholesome supplements she could feel good about giving to her family — and in turn, treat customers like family as well. Quality products made from highest-grade, non-GMO, plant-based, vegan ingredients did well on Amazon and garnered thousands of great reviews, but it seemed that the brand had hit a ceiling in sales, no matter how much money she threw at advertising.

The Problem

While Mary Ruth has a wide catalog of products, their top ASIN is the main source of their sales. They struggled to continue to push the one product and felt like they had limited access to variable keywords, but they wanted to increase sales.

Mary Ruth was not taking advantage of multiple ad types, which would allow them to increase sales without having to cultivate new keywords, including Sponsored Brand Video and Sponsored Display ads. Even so, they had not completed extensive keyword research which would allow them to expand on their top products.

Additionally, they were in a market that is extremely saturated with competitors. The supplement industry on Amazon is a difficult market to enter into and succeed with.

The Solution

Since they were heavily reliant on their top SKUs, we implemented top of search campaigns, new betas including Sponsored Brand Video & Sponsored Display, and expanded their keywords. We focused mainly on the top SKUs, however, we also expanded on their lower SKUs so that they were less reliant on their top SKUs.

Our first focus when we started to work on the account was Sponsored Product’s top of search campaigns. With top of search campaigns, it requires close attention because they could easily ruin ACoS. However, when the top of search is monitored properly, it can greatly increase rankings on products and boost sales from not only advertising but also organic sales. With our optimization process, we were able to grow sales by reaching the top of search for best-performing keywords, while maintaining ACoS by keeping more inefficient terms in separate campaigns that were not top of search.

Once we discovered the best performing keywords, we expanded into Sponsored Brands and implemented those keywords there. This technique was also applied when we started using the beta of Sponsored Brand Videos. By implementing the Sponsored Brand Video, we captured almost $1,000 worth of sales in the first two weeks since we implemented the video as soon as it was available. These sales continued to grow as it reached a new audience of mobile shoppers.

Advertising Sales:

Overall Sales:

Sales Ranking:

In February of 2019, ad sales were around $212,000, with an average ACoS of 30.27%. By January of 2020, their ad sales had increased to over $900,000 with an ACoS of 21%. Within a short period of time, advertising and organic sales began to increase, while MaryRuth’s ACoS began to decrease. Our use of Top of Search campaigns and close monitoring of optimization quickly increased their profitability and sales.

Not only did this increase sales, but it also increased the organic sales ranking of the top product. Their best seller jumped over 450 positions and is continuing to improve. Mary Ruth’s success displays both short term and long term improvements.

In the short term, we achieved her target ACoS and have kept it there for over a year. In the long term, we quadrupled her sales. Throughout this process, Mary Ruth Organics learned how important Amazon PPC is to not only drive advertising sales but also to increase overall organic sales. We continue to manage Amazon PPC for Mary Ruth Organics as our partner, and help her continuously see the impact that it has.

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