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New Shopify App for Buy with Prime Offers Seamless Amazon Integration for Merchants

Amazon isn’t coasting into 2024. New features such as this show their commitment to omnichannel fulfillment, a rapidly growing ecommerce lever

  • November 15, 2023
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An infographic featuring an Amazon logo on top of a Shopify logo

The Buy with Prime app for Shopify is now available to all merchants, opening up new opportunities for those who want to utilize Amazon’s fulfillment network. This app simplifies the previously invite-only integration, enabling merchants to offer a seamless shopping experience for customers with a Prime membership. 

As a result, these shoppers can browse and purchase products on e-commerce websites beyond Amazon, using their Amazon account for checkout and enjoying the trusted fulfillment services offered by the platform.

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This collaboration between Amazon and Shopify began in August 2023, following the launch of Buy with Prime in April 2022. Prior to the partnership, implementing Buy with Prime on a Shopify site required manual modification of template code—a challenging process for merchants. 

With the introduction of the Shopify app, integration becomes more streamlined, allowing for catalog, promotions, and order syncing. Although some features are still missing, such as product reviews from Amazon and a shopping cart for multi-product checkout, the Buy with Prime app empowers a wider range of merchants to embrace this service.

This news – in concert with the very recent partnerships between Amazon and both Meta and Snapchat -show that the e-commerce giant isn’t just coasting into 2024.

Amazon has their hands firmly on the wheel and are making sure to stay at the forefront of omnichannel fulfillment and social commerce, two big levers driving e-commerce sales.

An infographic showing the new Buy with Prime app for the Shopify marketplace

Key Takeaways

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Buy with Prime app for Shopify?

The Buy with Prime app for Shopify is an integration that allows merchants to add Amazon’s fulfillment and checkout service, Buy with Prime, to their online stores. Previously invite-only, this app is now available to all Shopify merchants who wish to utilize Amazon’s fulfillment network.

How does the Buy with Prime checkout service differ from PayPal or Apple Pay?

Buy with Prime is not merely a payment option, like PayPal or Apple Pay, but a complete e-commerce experience. Amazon handles both the checkout process and fulfillment, making it a comprehensive solution for online merchants.

What benefits does the Buy with Prime app provide for Shopify merchants?

The integration of Buy with Prime into Shopify removes the need for manual code modification, simplifies the setup process, and enables catalog, promotions, and order syncing between Amazon and Shopify. This makes managing orders and inventory more seamless and efficient for merchants.

What features are missing in the new Buy with Prime integration?

The new Buy with Prime integration does not currently support product reviews from Amazon on product pages and lacks a shopping cart for multi-product checkout, which was available in the original integration.

Who are the target users for the Buy with Prime app on Shopify?

The target users for the Buy with Prime app on Shopify are brands that already sell on Amazon and operate a Shopify store or those who wish to launch one. The app simplifies the process of trying Buy with Prime for brands with an existing Amazon presence and fosters a more seamless shopping experience for customers.

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