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Based on the proven method from the industry’s leading PPC expert, Brian Johnson, PPC Scope is equipped with preset optimization filters you can use to improve your campaigns like a pro—even if you’re a complete beginner!

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Like having your own personal account advisor, PPC Scope alerts you to poorly performing ads and offers, so you can act quickly to save money.

PPC Scope helps me save some serious time when doing campaign improvements and expansion. It also helps dig into campaigns and find problematic keywords. I highly recommend it to anyone running Sponsored Products on Amazon.

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View all of your important performance metrics from one simple dashboard, and easily identify which campaigns, ad groups, and keywords are driving your success (and which are just costing you money).

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Unlike Amazon’s Campaign Manager, your data history grows with you the longer you use PPC Scope! Harness the power of your data, and take the guesswork out of campaign optimization.

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Review your campaigns, apply our exclusive optimization steps, and push your changes directly to Campaign Manager in just a few clicks! We’ve made PPC as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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PPC Scope has everything you need to analyze, optimize, and automate your Amazon Advertising, saving you time and money that could be better spent scaling up your business.


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  • Gain a holistic overview of your performance by analyzing your PPC efforts at the campaign, ad group, product, & keyword level.
  • Pinpoint which search terms shoppers are using to find your products so you can optimize your listings for your precise audience.
  • Identify your best- & worst-performing keywords to eliminate wasted ad spend and double down on your winners.
  • Track and analyze performance over time, and see how your changes impact profitability.


$19.99 Monthly
  • New Sellers
  • Great for new sellers who have 1-3 products, less than 500 keywords in their Sponsored Ads, and sell on one Amazon Marketplace
  • 1 Amazon Marketplace
  • 3 Products (SKUs)
  • 500 Keywords
  • All-in-One PPC Dashboard
  • Friendly Email Support Team
  • 21-Day Free Trial


$44.99 Monthly
  • Growing Sellers
  • Great for growing sellers who have up to 10 products across 3 Amazon Marketplaces or Accounts
  • 3 Amazon Marketplaces
  • 10 Products (SKUs)
  • 8000 Keywords
  • All-in-One PPC Dashboard
  • Friendly Email Support Team
  • 21-Day Free Trial


$64.99 Monthly
  • International Sellers
  • Great for sellers who sell across multiple Amazon Marketplaces or Accounts
  • 7 Amazon Marketplaces
  • 100 Products (SKUs)
  • 12,000 Keywords
  • All-in-One PPC Dashboard
  • Friendly Email Support Team
  • 21-Day Free Trial


$84.99 Monthly
  • Kick-Ass Sellers
  • Great for sellers with large Ad Campaigns and lots of keywords
  • 7 Amazon Marketplaces
  • 1000 Products (SKUs)
  • 20,000 Keywords
  • All-in-One PPC Dashboard
  • Friendly Email Support Team
  • 21-Day Free Trial


$1,495 Monthly
  • Busy Sellers
  • Great for any size sellers who want no-stress, ad management by real, live PPC specialists
  • 1 Amazon Marketplace
  • 1,000 Products (SKUs)
  • 20,000 Keywords
  • All-in-One PPC Dashboard
  • Friendly Email Support Team
  • One-on-One Progress Report Every 6 Weeks

*Free trial applies to self-managed options only and does not include PPC Scope H.I.

D.I.Y. or Done-for-You?

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Use PPC Scope’s powerful suite of tools to optimize and automate your Amazon advertising.

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PRICE: $1,495/mo per marketplace