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Got lofty goals for both sales and profitability? Not a problem for this fitness brand

Put simply, selling on Amazon takes a different skill set than selling on other platforms. Fortunately for 4KOR Fitness, we used our expertise to more than double their sales, with much greater profitability.


Love staying in shape, but hate going to the gym? Prime Product Solutions gets it, and they’ve spent the last four years making a name for themselves on Amazon with highly-rated home workout equipment.

But even with a solid catalog that included some of the best selling products on Amazon, and plenty of happy customers, they still felt like they weren’t growing big enough or fast enough to become the heavy-hitting sellers they’d dreamed of being.



Prime Product Solutions was crushing it with amazing products and rave reviews, but they were bleeding money due to an undefined Amazon advertising strategy, not to mention the use of broad keywords that led to wasted ad spend.

With a goal of growing ad sales by 50% and decreasing ACoS to under 25% in 12 months, Prime Product Solutions knew they needed help with keyword optimization and targeted advertising campaigns, which is why they decided to partner with the Amazon account specialists at Canopy Management.



We reviewed Prime Product Solutions’ account and discovered they were missing at least six ad types, weren’t making use of any Amazon beta advertising programs, and they were wasting money on keywords that buried their products in search results.

We went to work optimizing keywords, implementing new ad types and improving ad targeting, and got this partner set up with virtual bundling and sponsored display advertising. They were able to sit back and watch their sales numbers skyrocket as their ad spend plummeted.




Prime Product Solutions dedicated themselves to breaking through the glass ceiling of Amazon sales, and after becoming a Canopy Management partner, they unlocked their lowest ad spend in nine months.

On top of that, we worked with this partner to create advanced Amazon advertising campaigns, which brought them the highest ad sales they’d ever seen. And we beat their annual goal of boosting sales and dropping ACoS in just 90 days.

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