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Breaking News from Accelerate – Amazon’s New Email Tool!

Yes, You Heard That Right, Amazon is Now Encouraging Sellers to Email Their Customers. Find Out the Latest On Amazon’s Newest Program

  • September 15, 2022
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  • Chuck Kessler
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Yesterday was the first day of  Accelerate,  Amazon’s annual seller conference and it started off with a big bang. 

Even though Amazon is well known for its hesitancy to allow sellers to communicate directly with buyers, perhaps in an effort to spike sales after the mid-pandemic high point, the e-commerce giant has changed course. 

Amazon has announced that they have introduced three new audience types that are designed to help sellers expand their reach when sending free marketing emails. 

Yes, you heard that right, Amazon is encouraging sellers to email their customers. 

Part of the Amazon Customer Engagement tool, this update helps Amazon sellers increase their email marketing reach with no additional cost. Amazon’s new email program will allow marketers to expand their targeting beyond their most loyal buyers. to include repeat customers, recent customers, and high-spend customers. 

But first, let’s take a closer look at . . . 

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Amazon’s “Manage Your Customer Engagement” Tool

Amazon’s Manage Your Customer Engagement (MYCE) tool lets Amazon sellers engage directly with their customers by establishing pathways to build brand-loyal relationships with Amazon customers. 

E-commerce sellers know that success on Amazon is all about visibility. Amazon’s MYCE is a great way to increase the visibility of your products and your brand. 

The Manage Your Customer Engagement program currently supports: 

According to Amazon, additional creative options will be added in the future.

Amazon says that the Manage Your Customer Engagement tool is “available to registered brands that have an Amazon Stores page with Brand Followers. If your brand is not already registered, visit Amazon Brand Registry to see if you are eligible.” 

With Amazon sellers constantly looking to increase their brand footprint, increasing their number of “followers” is one of the best ways to make that happen. To do that, Amazon recommends that once sellers have established a Stores page, the next step is to create an Amazon post featuring the highest quality content possible.

Here’s a closer look at how to set up your campaign

Amazon Tailored Audiences

Currently being tested as part of a beta program, Amazon says that their plan is to make Tailored Audiences available to all U.S. sellers in early 2023. 

This new tool will allow sellers to select their desired customer audience types and then Amazon will send the marketing email directly to those customers. 

The new tool will be part of Seller Central, ground zero for Amazon sellers. Amazon went on to say that its intention is to enhance the messages’ design capabilities with custom HTML content and improved templates. 

“Brands are able to quickly acquire new customers in the Amazon store, but they expressed a need for improved tools to increase customer lifetime value,” said Benjamin Hartman, vice president of Amazon North America Selling Partner Services. “These improvements help unlock the value of remarketing as we further our commitment to helping sellers reach the right customer, at the right time.”

Sellers Will Be Able to Closely Monitor Engagement 

Amazon Customer Engagement’s Tailored Audiences will also allow e-commerce sellers to closely monitor the impact of their email marketing campaigns and customer engagement. 

Because of performance and reporting transparency, data such as open rate, click-through rates, emails delivered, opt-out rates, sales, and conversion will all be available to sellers. This information will help Amazon sellers to capitalize on Amazon’s massive data-mining abilities and allow them to craft increasingly optimized marketing strategies. 

Putting Control Back Into the Hands of Amazon Sellers

Sure, it’s Amazon’s playing field, but with this recent innovation, Amazon is giving third-party sellers more control and responsibility over their marketing. 

Yes, there’s a little bit of worry about buyers feeling like they’re being spammed with unwanted emails. In fact, with the new Amazon Tailored Audiences email program, shoppers will have to unsubscribe if they don’t wish to receive the marketing emails.

Amazon’s new release continues the trend of offering sellers an ever-growing range of e-commerce tools. This is one more (important) tool that will help sellers to market their products and brand more consistently than ever before. 

For Amazon sellers looking to expand their email lists, and develop more off-Amazon business, this new program appears to be tailor made for that purpose. 

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