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How do you give a popular brand even more reach? DSP advertising is here to stack up the impressions

Snow Cosmetics is aiming to be the top teeth whitening brand in the world, but not enough of their reach was turning into sales. Strategic use of Amazon DSP ads racked up a massive number of new customers in no time.


Beloved by celebrities and influencers, Snow Cosmetics is a teeth whitening and oral care brand with one simple goal—to make more people smile!

To achieve that goal, Snow is on a mission to be the top brand of teeth whitening products in the world and has spent years formulating and perfecting their formulas to create teeth whitening and beauty care products that work better than anything else on the market today.

Snow had the best-in-class product. Now, they just needed a best-in-class solution to selling on Amazon.

That’s why they partnered with CANOPY Management.


Before working with CANOPY, Snow was already advertising off-Amazon with Facebook ads and influencer campaigns, but they realized that, to make people more aware of their brand and truly dominate the market, they would need much wider reach and coverage.

They were primarily interested in targeting new-to-brand customers who were interested in achieving a whiter smile but hadn’t yet heard of Snow.

But here’s the real challenge—While their main goal was to reach new customers at the top of the funnel, they also wanted to make sure they were getting the best bang for their buck. That meant setting high goals for sales and return on ad spend (RoAS).

They wanted more people to be aware of the Snow brand, but they knew that awareness didn’t necessarily translate into sales.

Luckily, we had a strategy.



To balance Snow’s primary objective of driving top-of-funnel awareness with bottom-of-funnel sales goals, we set up a 70/30 DSP strategy—with 70% of spend going toward consideration campaigns and 30% toward retargeting campaigns.

This strategy plays into what we like to call “Fill the Bank; Fill the Tank.”

Using our retargeting campaigns, we took advantage of the “low-hanging fruit” opportunities to immediately drive revenue by staying top-of-mind for shoppers who saw Snow products on Amazon but didn’t buy (yet!). Instead of losing those potential customers after they leave Amazon, we used DSP’s retargeting capabilities to bring them back!

Basically, using Amazon DSP, we track those shoppers along their journey, following them from Snow’s product page and wherever they go across device types and placements, delivering highly-relevant retargeting ads and redirecting them back to Amazon.

Now that we “Filled the Bank” with these high RoAS retargeting campaigns, it was time to “Fill the Tank” by increasing shopper awareness of the Snow brand.

Using Amazon DSP’s laser-precise audience targeting capabilities, we created consideration campaigns aimed at shoppers whose browsing history showed an interest in “teeth whitening” but who have not yet purchased from Snow on Amazon or on their own website.

It’s important to know that Snow had tried targeting lookalike audiences prior to Amazon DSP in their Facebook ad campaigns, but the results were less than stellar.

After all, as we like to say, “Facebook knows what you like, but only Amazon knows what you buy.”

With Amazon DSP, we could target Amazon’s exclusive 1st party audiences that were “InMarket” for teeth whitening products and deliver relevant ads to audiences most likely to buy.

That insight into shopper behavior combined with Amazon’s unmatched targeting and reporting capabilities is exactly what makes Amazon DSP so powerful!

And the results of this 70/30 strategy speak for themselves…




To review, Snow Cosmetics had two goals when they began working with CANOPY Management on Amazon DSP advertising:

1.) Grow their brand by spreading awareness and gaining customers, and
2.) Keep total RoAS high.

So, did we meet those goals?

Drive brand awareness? Check.

Across ad campaigns, Snow Cosmetics had over 21 MILLION total impressions, and of the $251,937 in total sales, 62% of those sales came from new-to-brand customers!

Maintain high RoAS? Check.

Even while targeting mainly new-to-brand shoppers, we kept RoAS high, averaging just under 3X returns on spend.

With Amazon DSP management from CANOPY, Snow is making more progress every day toward their mission to make the world smile brighter!


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