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Third party sellers can be a huge problem for sellers that are new to Amazon. But for Keranique, we had the solution

To really own your space on Amazon, there are a ton of moving parts that you have to get just right. With our help, Keranique more than 6X’d their PPC sales and reclaimed their share of the market.


Women’s hair regrowth champion Keranique had already made a name for itself by helping millions of women overcome thinning hair when owner Tom decided they should turn to Amazon to better reach customers. But Tom soon found out– growing on Amazon would take a whole new set of skills


While Keranique understands the world of healthy hair, they weren’t too keen on the world of PPC. The use of many auto campaigns with different bid ranges and a lack of Phrase and Exact match types meant his ad spend quickly began to grow out of control — while sales stayed stagnant.

Not only that, Tom was missing out on sales due to 3rd party sellers having beat him to his own product on Amazon! Keranique often found itself paying for clicks without the buybox- meaning they were essentially GIVING SALES to their competitors


We went right to work ensuring that from then on Keranique would ‘own’ it’s listings. Listings without content, or lacking additional images, backend elements like Intended Use, Subject Matter, et. were completed. The process to start building age, value, and authority continued as listings were further optimized using Canopy’s 96 point listing optimization checklist.

Next, we dove head first into what we do best — keyword research. Using reverse ASIN analysis and other proven methods, we analyzed his listings and his competitors to hone in on the most relevant broad keywords, phrases, and exact matches.

Our focus on initial research and attention on the daily spend level and the overall ACoS of the campaigns started to pay off- BIG TIME. We had received enough data on our KW research in order to concentrate on the top converting places. After that we were able to change the existing structure of the campaigns and not being afraid of overspending on places where we saw the potential for bigger rewards.



From the start Keranique wanted to decrease the ACoS from 33% down around 25% and significantly increase Non-Branded Sales from 5% to 20%. We were able to 3x Sponsored Sales, hit 19% of sales for Non-Branded KWs, and also decrease ACoS to the target level that was desired in 5-6 months within less than 60 days.

Our strategy to focus on getting sales from non-branded KWs worked. We immediately saw a big increase in Sales starting from the very first month of managing this account, drastically improving the ratio between ad spend and sales.

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