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With the right strategies in place, it’s easy to organize large catalogs for maximum growth

If you haven’t spent countless hours running Amazon PPC, it can seem impossible to land on a winning strategy. With years of experience under our belts, we more than doubled sales for this electronics brand.


If you were shopping on Amazon for a waterproof clock, kitchen timer, or weather station, BALDR would be the brand to go with. Not only are their household electronic products available at a low price point, with superior performance, but they’re also manufactured right here — in the U.S.


While BALDR understands the world of time-keeping, they weren’t too keen on the world of PPC. With hundreds of SKU’s, BALDR’s owner, Sarah, was having trouble organizing it all. Different products were lumped into the same campaigns, with all three match types: broad keywords, phrases, and exact matches. Because of that, her ad spend quickly began to grow out of control — while sales stayed stagnant.

Sarah also wasn’t taking advantage of Amazon’s many powerful ad types, like Sponsored Brand Ads (SBA’s). Amazon SBA’s reach customers when they’re actively shopping on Amazon. They click your brand logo, which takes them to your store or custom landing page. And the best part: ads are cost-per-click, meaning you pay only when a customer clicks your ad.

Not only that, Sarah was missing out on Product Targeting ads, which let you set your Amazon ads to appear on other sellers’ ASIN pages and in category search results. You can refine your campaign by price range, star rating, and more.


We went right to work on growing her sales and lowering ACoS, starting with organizing her campaigns. We developed an Alpha/Beta structure for all of her products, in order to gain more control over the spend on each product group and eliminate wasted ad spend.

Next, we dove head first into what we do best — keyword research. Using reverse ASIN analysis and other proven methods, we analyzed her listings and her competitors to hone in on the most relevant broad keywords, phrases, and exact matches.

From there, we took full advantage of the Amazon ad types that Sarah was eligible for. Because BALDR is brand-registered, we were able to run and test Amazon SBA’s. We did this by using our keyword research and additional converting search terms in exact match types. Many of her competitors weren’t using this kind of ad, which gave her even more of an edge. She was also eligible for Product Targeting ads, so of course, we ran those, too.



Before September 2019, Sarah’s average ACoS for the previous 3 months was a startling 63%, with sales slow. Within only a few days of applying our new Alpha/Beta structure, Sarah’s sales began to increase, while her ACoS began to decrease. Our use of Amazon SBA’s brought in cheap traffic, which led to even more sales and impressions during September and October.

Short-term numbers are important, but long-term numbers are what really count. In September, we were able to boost sales to about $13,000 and lower ACoS to 46%. And in October, we saw sales of $16,393 and an ACoS of 49%. November was the best month of all. That’s when all of our strategies came together, for sales of $28,066 and an ACoS of just 33%. Exactly what Sarah wanted.

When we look at the entire year, we moved sales from $8,918, all the way up to $28,066 and ACoS from 57%, down to just 41%. But even more valuable, we taught Sarah the true power of Amazon PPC. She is still our partner to this day, and together — we help her account continue to run like clockwork.

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