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32 %

Profitability Increase

80 %

Decrease in ACOS

162 %

Increase in Sales




After a PPC overhaul for Baker’s Dozen, selling on Amazon became a piece of cake

Having a strong brand, excellent products, and great reviews still weren’t enough to make Amazon advertising profitable for Baker’s Dozen. Once our team fixed up their PPC campaigns, sales more than doubled, while ad costs plummeted.


Baker’s Dozen believes we all have a baker inside of us and the brand owner is dedicated to turning her customers into culinary superstars. Over the last 4 years, Baker’s Dozen has provided top-rated baking tools and supplies to Amazon shoppers looking to up their baking game.

With a large and regularly updated product catalog, plenty of returning customers, and thousands of positive reviews, Baker’s Dozen had a strong foundation on Amazon.

However, the threat of high ACoS combined with low profit margins had the brand owner worried about the profitability of her business…



While the owner of Baker’s Dozen was a baking pro, she found herself lacking the time or know-how to master her Amazon advertising strategy. She’d reached out to other agencies to help her with Amazon PPC management but had lackluster results.

By the time she partnered with CANOPY Management, her PPC ad campaigns were in bad shape. They were so poorly optimized in fact, that she had paused all campaigns just to stop bleeding ad spend.

When our Amazon advertising specialists dug into her account, they discovered Baker’s Dozen was suffering from a chaotic advertising campaign structure. All of her products were commingled within the same ad group, which made optimization difficult.

Plus, to top it off, the previous agencies had done nothing to help the owner make use of keyword research and most of Amazon’s range of ad types.



The first step on our checklist was bringing order to the chaos for the owner of Baker’s Dozen. We immediately implemented an optimal PPC campaign structure by creating separate sponsored ad campaigns for all of her products.

After implementing proper campaign structure, another major priority was finding the right match type for top-converting keywords. Since most of the keywords were set to broad match, we needed to test all 3 match types for these keywords to optimize conversions.

At this stage, we also set our sights on bid optimization. Before we started managing advertising for this Partner, there had been no attempts to experiment with different bidding options. So, we got to work cautiously testing dynamic bidding options for increased visibility, higher conversion rate, and lower ACoS.

One of the last pieces of the puzzle was expanding the Partner’s use of ad types. Early on in our partnership, we started taking advantage of Sponsored Brand Ads for Baker’s Dozen. Her products all complemented each other perfectly and the opportunity for cross-selling with headline search ads was too good to ignore!




After just 90 days of partnering with CANOPY Management, the owner of Baker’s Dozen noticed some major changes in her account…

For one, her ACoS dropped—and not just by a little. Since the beginning of the 3 months, her ACoS had fallen by 80% overall!

On the flipside, she saw such an unprecedented surge in sales that she actually sold out of most items, and products that hardly sold before were now flying out the door!

With a total 162% increase in sales and 32% increase in profitability, this baker was soon whipping up plans to take her business even higher!

And, with CANOPY Management by her side to test and tweak both keyword optimization and overall Amazon PPC campaign structure on a weekly basis, the owner of Baker’s Dozen can now focus on running her business—instead of worrying about losing profitability.


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