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Driving external traffic your brand store is a secret held by many of the most successful Amazon & Walmart sellers. Now with Canopy, you can.


global businesses trust Google Ads for PPC campaigns


Customers are more likely to click a Google Ad


average return on ad spend (ROAS)

Ride the wave of shoppers

49% of consumers start their online shopping with search engines. We help them find your products.

Full Service FeaturesFull Service Features

More organic sales

We deal with Amazon directly to address suppression issues so you don’t have to.

Weekly optimizations

Bot got you down? Our experience with appeals (so fun) gets you back up and running in record time

Tight, strategic coordination

Three words: flat file support. Improve reviews and increase traffic to your listings with our optimized parent-child setup

Amazon Attribution bonus:

Resolve uploading errors quickly so your new title, images, copy, and bullets get updated ASAP.

$500 in free ads

Protect your most valuable asset and stop IP infringement with brand registration, trademark support, and more

Attribution across ASINs

Turn shifting marketplace trends from a potential problem into a golden opportunity through the power of Canopy’s Human Intelligence-based advertising

Amazon Trusted Partner Certifications & Awards

Tap into 8.5 billion daily


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These brands didn’t miss out on all that traffic

Good thing, too – selling more stuff is great, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you recommend testing my campaigns for?

We recommend testing for a minimum of 90 days to collect data on which keywords work best on Google for your products so you can then double down on the efficient keywords and pause inefficient keywords.

How do you get the $500 Google Ads credit?

The $500 Google Ad credit for new accounts works by spending $500 then getting up to $500 in Google Ad credit. If your account qualifies for this credit, Google will automatically apply this to your account and your ad spend will draw from the credit.

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