Zugu Case Wins Sales Away From Cheap Copycats with Premium Amazon Listing Content


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The Brand

There are many iPad cases on Amazon, but you’d have a difficult time finding one as high quality as Zugu Case.

They are a premium brand that specializes in developing iPad cases designed for form and function, and as they say in their product description, “Some companies make super thin cases with not much drop protection. Some companies make cases that are so bulky you could throw them off Mount Everest. We just make a case customers want.”

That’s why Zugu Case sets the standard for tough but stylish iPad cases.

Unfortunately, that means they tend to attract a lot of copycats, and for Zugu Case’s owner, Tim, that meant they needed to find a way to set their brand apart.

The Problem

If you gave a person two iPad cases—one from Zugu Case and one from a competitor—and asked them to tell you which was better, you’d get a clear answer. Unfortunately, that difference in quality was not as obvious when shoppers were scrolling through Amazon.

When shoppers browse online, it can be difficult to judge quality. They can’t pick up the product and feel the material in their hands. They rely entirely on the product listing—the quality of the photography and the written copy—to tell them what they need to know.

Without benefits-driven copy and high-quality photography, Zugu Case was not doing enough to differentiate themselves from their competitors. As a result, shoppers only saw the higher price tag but not the higher quality behind it.

The Solution

When CANOPY first started working with Tim, we knew immediately that our #1 goal was to help Zugu Case establish itself as the premium brand that it is.

An iPad is expensive, and it’s worth paying a little extra to protect that investment with a quality case. That’s why the first bullet point on every new listing is “Not Cheap, But Worth Every Penny.”

That was the guiding idea that led our Zugu Case listing optimization strategy across their catalog of products. With these brand-new sets of product photography, product descriptions and bullet points, and A+ Content, we set out to show Amazon shoppers why it’s worth paying a little more for premium quality.

After quickly seeing the results of this strategy on initial listing optimization projects and realizing that Apple was getting ready to release the next generation of iPad, Zugu Case’s owner knew that his business had to be ready for this opportunity.

That’s when he asked us to work on the product listing for the brand’s 10.2 inch Muse Case to help them capitalize on the fresh surge of organic traffic.

The Results

We wrapped up our full listing optimization process on the 10.2 inch Muse Case listing about one month after the release of Apple’s 8th generation iPad.

As iPad owners flocked to Amazon for a case to protect their new purchase, we were prepared to turn that traffic into sales. In comparison to the months prior (including the first month after the new iPad launch), conversions rose sharply by 22.6% overall in the next 3 months.

Instead of shying away from Zugu Case’s higher price point, we helped shoppers see why it’s worth paying for quality, especially when it comes to protecting their pricey new devices.

Now, whenever Zugu Case is getting ready to launch a new product, they count on CANOPY Management’s Creative Team to translate their premium products into premium Amazon listing content.

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