Baby brand boosted sales by over 100% without bleeding money in ad spend – all in less than 90 days!


Profitability Increase


Decrease in ACoS


Increase in Sales



The Brand

If you have children, you know how time-consuming it can be to feed a toddler, not to mention how messy! The team at Babie B understands all too well, and the brand set out 5 years ago to bring relief to parents everywhere by offering innovative toddler feeding supplies on Amazon.

The Problem

Although Babie B had a solid product catalog, great Amazon reviews, and had taken the time to build a strong relationship with returning customers, the brand owner began to notice a serious increase in ACoS, and she was losing more money on her Amazon advertising efforts than she had since 2018.

The Solution

Babie B’s owner chose to partner with Canopy Management, and we went to work reviewing her Amazon advertising account for the cause of the brand’s shrinking profitability.

We discovered Babie B wasn’t advertising every product or using all of the available Amazon ad types. There was an overall lack of structure in the brand’s advertising campaigns, including a lack of targeted keywords and sponsored brand ads.

The Results

Our Amazon advertising specialists tested and fine-tuned the keyword phrasing and dynamic bidding options for Babie B, and within 90 days, we were able to lower this partner’s ACoS two times over, almost double their profitability, and help one of Babie B’s products to earn an Amazon’s Choice badge.

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